A Troubled Me

Familiar with Baron EQ test? A test that puts you into a frustrating or uplifting reality about yourself that are sometimes...we refuse to accept?

This has to be for everybody...specially that it assesses you on where you come short - that is if you're willing to help yourself...

Anyway, I took the test honestly to rediscover myself, that I even chose not to attend my other obligation as a student.

Guess what? Results suggested me to work on my intrapersonal, interpersonal, stress management and adaptability aspects that creates me. Well, just sharing...For sure this could not be of your interest...

Till we climaxed the activity with short talks with all participants discussing christmas party...whatever...and I can feel the obligation for me to attend since everybody seems so participative that they'd rather have the party in the morning (party in the m0rning? Sounds weird isn't it?) if situations don't allow us on the supposed time and day.

I was really bit confused and puzzled...partying? Oh my God! Party is of no place of my interest...I mean... I never get a bliss seeing myself that I'm not used to...

Other than that 'worrisome treat' that I could have gone this Christmas is my realization that "I'm not suppose to do anything that of within the borders of what I believe inappropriate for me".

Have you heard Muslims selling a Christmas decors or fireworks? Much of our thought would be the awkwardly inappropriate scene considering that they're Muslims yet partly contributing Christian celebrations into account.

Same is true in my case. I am hesitant to get engaged in Christian activities simply because I refuse to recognize that I belong in this religious clan.

Yes. I may have created a frown in your face but I'm just being honest to myself...forgive me please.

I do believe that nobody's perfect that even the Divine Great has MISTAKENLY created me in His world.

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