A Closer Look to Pitoy

This is a tale of a man, a good friend of mine, who've just hooked and being hooked by this inevitable curse: LOVE.

This person is not romantic by heart, and he is proud to say that. He is new to the real world. His friends are machines, computers, and electronic devices. And thus wires have always been part of his survival. He built his own community and friends online, and seldom intermingle with humans. He's not used to the crowd of people, he seldom speaks, and he's not used to say his and hellos.

Few more things about this man...

This person qualifies to be a man of everything, I mean he always has something to say just about everything, from metaphysics to engineering, philosophy to buddhism., politics to social engineering, coffee making to farming, meditation to masonry, PDAs to car's spare parts, computer systems to electronics, many others.

This is Pitoy...we nicknamed him as Congressman. Coming from a wonderful family and warm parents, he is dignified and surrounded with a few intellectuals. His parents prepared him a normal life but he refused to live the normal and typical way of living.

This man is lived by principles and detailed with a little sophistication. There are always times where you get lost in the middle of your discussions just because of his carefully crafted words making everything a bit complicated.

Now, why I invest time writing all these things is that we both belong in the same world; he's not used to the usual and he enjoyed how it is to be free.

He only has few friends to talk with, and there's only a few who understand how it is to be that way.

Busa Jen, just allow him to enjoy the feeling he has today...you've really brought him up out of the shell.

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