Francis Kong: "Be Careful to These People"

Actually this is from Francis Kong reminder when asked who's his bet this upcoming presidential race. And this person got his point, which is very true.

Last night I was able to watch news of purely Maguindanao Massacre-themed stories, the horror in politics and how our government protects those BIG Men. Until Gibo Teodoro came into flash as he personally go into the grieved Mangundadato's house to condole (in which the two are former political rival and belong to separate Party List).

It has really been a habit for the Big Men to hug or make 'beso-beso' on their VIP friends especially during the time when media and ordinary citizen are eyeing on them.

And Gibo once again proved that his sincerity is yet to quarantine as he once again exhibited an act of 'plasticity'. Why so? How'd you call an individual making beso-beso to an individual with an eye roving around the corners of the scene? Kung baga yong may malilikot ang mata while they tap on your back saying hellos? How'd you feel being held tightly but the attention of the ones you've embraced with are directed to someone else? Is the beso-beso they've exhibited truly makes sense?

This is really frustrating culture in Philippine politics. And that's how our politician provide the drama!

Gibo is not actually alone in this kind of syndrome. There are a number actually having this kind of just have to notice them...

And these person are not fit to be in public office...

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