Access, Manage All Files Stored Across Multiple Cloud Accounts All At Once

At last, the file management tool we've been waiting for has finally arrived!

Everybody can now access all backup files stored across multiple cloud storage providers all at the same time. If you love how TweetDeck or HootSuite works for your social media accounts, you'll also love this new file management tool designed for the cloud!

Access, Manage Backup Files Stored In The Cloud All At Once With Otixo

Meet Otixo, a new breed of file management web service that offers a whole new level of convenience. Otixo gives you a consolidated view of all files stored in the cloud by allowing you to connect all your favorite cloud storage services such as DropBox, Google Docs, Box, MobileMe, among others. Otixo works by fetching all your files stored in the cloud, populate and list them altogether in a single interface. Otixo exactly does what TweetDeck or HootSuite does for social media accounts, but for files stored in the cloud!

With Otixo you can:

1. Search and find your files across many cloud-based services in one simple step.

Admit it: it's a pain to look for a particular file especially when all you can remember is that it was saved somewhere in the cloud and you can't seem to remember which cloud services it was saved. Finding a particular file is even awful lot harder especially if you're to deal with a large collection of files. Thankfully Otixo comes with a smart search function enabling you to search for a particular file, regardless of its virtual file location. Think of Otixo like Apple's Finder or Window's File Explorer, but for the cloud.

2. Move files from one service to another without downloading them first to your computer.

There are several occassions when I need to transfer files from my Google Docs to DropBox account. For example, I want to generate a direct HTTP link for my PSD file stored in Google Docs so I can edit it using PSD editor online. Google Docs unfortunately cannot provide me a public HTTP link (required by most online PSD editor) so I need to move the file to DropBox first and let DropBox generates a public HTTP link for me. Also, Google Docs can't seem to render images embedded in a document or spreadsheet so all I need to do is to generate a public link so I can fully open the file using free document and excel viewing tool online.

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3. Access your many online services with a single username and password.

The real beauty of Otixo is that you get access to all your files saved across multiple cloud storage accounts. Just one-time login takes you to the neat and interactive interface of Otixo where you can quickly manage your backup files stored in DropBox, SugarSync, Google Docs, Picasa, Box, etc. Otixo is also available on mobile so people on-the-go can access and manage their files on the fly.

Otixo is one of the many great web applications that are hard to be missed. Sign up for your FREE otixo account here!

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