YouTube, without a doubt, is everyone’s choice when it comes to entertainment and general info. With thousands of fun and informative videos being uploaded by the minute, it’s not uncommon for anyone to generate content out of existing YouTube videos.

How To: Watch Rated-R, 18+ Videos On YouTube Without Logging In or Signing Up

Teachers for instance can use copyright-free videos from YouTube to come up with supplemental video for their pupils. They can grab multiple, existing YouTube videos and do a bit of editing to produce a new video resource. Or if you’re a casual YouTuber like me, you may want to crop a YouTube video and get your favourite part to share as a meme.

Whatever the motivation is, trimming and making YouTube videos shorter doesn’t really have to be complicated. Truth is, there are free, online YouTube video editors that let you do basic trimming and cropping by simply pasting YouTube URLs.

5 Best Online Apps To Crop, Trim YouTube Videos

  1. YT Cutter
    This ad-supported web app lets you extract favourite scenes from YouTube videos. Using the app is pretty much straight-forward. All you need to do is to paste a YouTube link and specify start and end time parameter. Once done, you have the option to download the cropped video, audio or GIF.

  2. Kapwing Video Trimmer
    Kapwing’s Video Trimmer makes cutting YouTube video a breeze. The service offers the same video cropping capability but with a much nicer interface. After pasting YouTube video URL to crop, you can adjust which parts of YouTube videos to trim using easy-to-use, timestamp slider.

  3. YouTube Trimmer
    Yet another free tool to trim, crop YouTube videos is Youtube Trimmer. The website may look simple but it offers surprisingly fast and easy way to trim, crop favourite parts of your Youtube videos online. Just supply the YouTube video URL and specify the start and end times for the crop.
  4. YT Cropper
    And if for some reason you’re running out of options to make a YouTube video shorter, you may check out YT Cropper. Just supply the URL and adjust the handles to crop. Once done, hit “Crop” and let YT Cropper generates a custom embed code for you. Unfortunately, YT Cropper won’t let you download the cropped video for offline use. Sucks.
  5. YT Videos Cutter by odownloader
    Yet another ad-supported YouTube trimmer which lets you cut YouTube videos in seconds. The good: it gives you the option to download either audio only or full video. And you have the option to select .webm and .mp4 formats. The bad: lots of ads.

How To: Watch YouTube, Netflix on Sticky, Floating Window While Keeping Other Apps Opened

There you go! If there are other YouTube video editing apps out there that deserve a mention on this blog, just get in touch.

Top 5 Online Services to Trim, Cut YouTube Videos for FREE

For those of you who maintain multiple Twitter accounts, you probably are familiar with that pain of signing in and signing out if you wish to switch to another Twitter account. One may switch between multiple Twitter accounts by having more than one browser opened — one for personal Twitter account and the other is for work-related stuff.

And for Twitter power users, there's Hootsuite to the rescue being the de facto Twitter multiple account manager, which lets you manage multiple social media accounts including Twitter in one, centralised dashboard.

New AI-Powered Apps Help You Generate Captions, Hashtags for Instagram

Twitter's lack of native multiple account switching support is just dead annoying. It's a feature long requested by millions of social media managers who take advantage of their platform for virality and growth.

Thankfully, Twitter finally heeded the call. Now, you can add multiple Twitter accounts and switch between multiple Twitter handles with ease.

Twitter Adds New Account Switching Option

For now, Twitter's multiple account switching feature is available for the web version (both mobile and desktop), Twitter Lite, and Twitter for Windows. Jack Dorsey's team must be brewing multiple accounts support for Android and iOS version too (I hope so).

How To Add, Switch Between Multiple Accounts on Twitter

As mentioned, the new feature is available only on web version and Twitter Lite. Here's how to get started:

  1. Login to your Twitter account and ensure you're using the new Twitter web version UI.

  2. In top right section, click on your name to bring the Account info panel

  3. Now, click on that Add an existing account. You'll be asked to login for that new Twitter handle.

You're done!

Your newly added Twitter account should sit nicely beside your main account. Just click your profile or name to switch to another Twitter account without having to log out and log in again.

Twitter may be late to the party, but this new Twitter multiple accounts switching option is sure a welcome update that power users would surely appreciate.

New Web App Efemr Lets You Send Self-Destructing Tweets

Twitter Gets Multiple Accounts Switching Support, Lets You Switch Between Accounts with Ease

Not everyone has the time and skill to generate a simple 2-3 minutes social video for Facebook or Instagram. Stitching your video clips and adding music can be all easy to achieve on iOS, but adding styled, custom text? It can be bloody difficult feat especially for a non-techie person who easily gets intimidated by video editing apps.

iOS' built-in video editing app iMovie doesn't make the cut either. Their “Add Text” overlay functionality is just plain boring, unusable. iMovie is decent enough in combining your clips with nice transitions and custom audio background but not in adding custom styled text.

The hunt for Canva for video

I had this interesting challenge last week where I needed to add a few texts to my travel videos. And me being a non-multimedia person, I'd rather do it straight on my iPhone and totally skip the headache of editing them with Adobe Premier or Quik, which for me are all complicated to use.

With that said, I had to check out and try nearly almost all video editing apps on iOS that allow me to add a text overlay for my videos. Some are very promising but one app that really stood out: Vont.

What is Vont?

Vont, currently available on iOS, lets you add highly customizable text overlays to videos. You have the flexibility to choose your own font or use Vont's font collections, change font sizes and colors. And the best part? It lets you insert multiple text overlays to any given video timeframe.

New AI-Powered Apps Help You Generate Captions, Hashtags for Instagram

And the fun doesn't stop there. Vont also lets you add transitions to each text overlay, giving you full control how you want your text enters the viewport.

Here's Vont in action:

It's easy to imagine Vont as Canva for videos. First off, Vont interface is so neat and it's a delight to use, almost similar to Canva.

For the uninitiated, Canva is a must-have app that lets you create professional-looking photos and banners for all your social media needs. Its suite of pre-made layouts makes it easy to create graphics, cards, flyers, invitations, and posters straight from your iPhone or iPad.

How To: Watch YouTube, Netflix on Sticky, Floating Window While Keeping Other Apps Opened

The true strength of Canva lies in its ability to let anyone — with or without design experience — generate professional-looking visuals for their marketing needs.

Now, if you're looking for Canva for video alternative offering the same editing experience, then, you've got to check out Vont.

Vont: Canva for Video Alternative that Lets You Easily Add Custom Text to Videos (iOS)

Whether you're using Instagram for business or not, writing a killer caption and well-optimized hashtags is a must. Ask any Instagram marketer it's second most tricky part immediately next to generating the visuals to post on Instagram.

A good caption should drive user engagements and virality, while a relevant set of hashtags ensures you have the most optimal reach to get the exposure you need. People discover interesting posts thru hashtags, and it's a good opportunity for your brand to get discovered and ultimately earn followers.

While the best way to come up with words to accompany your Instagram post is to write it yourself, it doesn't hurt to try and get some assistance from new breed of apps to do just that.

Excel Gets OCR Support, Lets You Snap Tables and Convert Into Editable Spreadsheet

In this post, we'll be featuring an Android and iOS app that should help you decide what captions to post next.

Caption AI - Your Smart Instagram Caption Assistant ()

Caption AI currently hosts 15,000 captions (and growing) grouped into easy to navigate categories. Running out of caption idea for your next Instagram post? Just launch the app, open an image to post and Caption AI will automatically detect what caption and hashtags to post based on your picture.

Not happy with the generated caption? Just tap on any of the categories like Nature, Fitness, Travel, and Caption AI automatically suggests a caption for you.

Of course the auto-generated captions aren't original. They're mostly coming from third-party sources that curate popular lines and quotes from notable people and writers. Perhaps in the next update the developer gives proper attribution to each line.

This Android app can also suggest the most popular hashtags relevant to your post. So next time you're stuck deciding what to post, check out this app.

Auto Caption - Get Caption Ideas for Instagram (, )

Another app that I am pretty much impressed is Auto Caption for iOS. The moment you open a photo to post, it automatically detects whether it's ocean, mountain or food. Auto Caption will then suggest a caption and hashtags based on what it sees.

It's pretty clever and helpful app ideally recommended for Instagram marketers or casual Instagrammers.

Wrapping it up

Again, the above-mentioned apps aren't for everyone. A more personalized and well-thought out captions will still do wonders in your Instagram marketing efforts. But if doing so takes you forever, then, maybe time to explore those apps?

New AI-Powered Apps Help You Generate Captions, Hashtags for Instagram

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have instant lyrics while viewing YouTube music videos?

It’s now possible with a browser extension called YouTube Instant Lyrics by Rob W. Aside from YouTube, it’s also good news for music streamers using Grooveshark and Spotify.

It works so simply. When you open a YouTube video page, the lyrics panel shows itself by adding a small screen. Since most YouTube music videos display accurate information about the song’s name and artist, this available data is used to directly request the lyrics from one of several sources. If not, a search is done based on the video title.

Automatically Search, Display Lyrics of the Current Song for Grooveshark, Spotify and YouTube

The added screen can be dragged, resized, toggled, or closed. Should no lyrics be found at any of the given sources, a link to Google will be given instead. A search box is provided for those who want to search for lyrics for a different song.

(A draggable & resizable panel with lyrics next to a YouTube music video)

On Spotify and Grooveshark, lyrics are searched and displayed when a new song is played. Aside from Google, the Bing search engine is sometimes used to look up the correct URL.

Top 5 Best Pandora, Spotify Alternatives For Streaming Music Online

The YouTube Instant Lyrics extension works well on browser platforms for Google Chrome extension and Firefox add-on. The extension also works for Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Sources for the lyrics include popular sites such as,,,,,,, and

DOWNLOAD: YouTube Instant Lyrics for Chrome or Firefox

Ves Kanlapan

About the author:

Ves is a writer by passion who is constantly on the lookout for the coolest thing in the web — be they about freeware and web apps. He loves to write about tools that help him simplify the daily rigors of life.

Get Instant Lyrics for Grooveshark, Spotify and YouTube Web Players with This Cool Add-on

Now here’s a new web app that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “This message will self-destruct in five seconds…” However, some may argue that the concept is not new since “self-destructing” (more likely, self-deleting, in case you’re getting scared) is already being utilized by Burn Note and SnapChat.

The concept of self-deletion is limited to Twitter only. With the new web app, Efemr, your tweets are automatically deleted after a pre-selected amount of time. However, unlike the aforementioned two sites, tweets are often seen and read by a wider audience.

Burn Note Lets You Send Password-Protected, Self-Destructing Email Messages

Efemr Automatically Deletes Your Tweets After Given Date and Time (link)

After granting access to your Twitter account, Efemr and you can choose a hashtag time limit to your Twitter messages. For instance, choosing #10 represents 10 minutes. Longer visibility can be done with #1h (1 hour), and so on.

Remove Unwanted Tweets On Twitter - Filter Tweets By Keyword

According to the Efemr website, the app is advertised as a tool “to protect your e-reputation and making your Twitter activity more fleeting.” While burn note and snap chat can claim this, it might be harder for Efemr to do so since people normally are fast in re-tweeting or having screenshots of the original message, and in a few minutes, it’s making its circulation rounds.

For Twitter users, using Efemr to cover your tracks is not such a good idea. What it’s probably good for is cleaning up your tweets so you’re not left with months (or years) old messages that you forget to delete. Otherwise, it doesn’t take much effort to use the app so it’s worth giving Efemr a shot, if just to experience something new.

LINK: Efemr

Ves Kanlapan

About the author:

Ves is a writer by passion who is constantly on the lookout for the coolest thing in the web — be they about freeware and web apps. He loves to write about tools that help him simplify the daily rigors of life.

New Web App Efemr Lets You Send Self-Destructing Tweets

Talk about geeky fun.

Technology is now getting to be more fun and hilarious without being a geek yourself.

PBS Newshour has recently created a new tool (more of a new toy application) that lets users make personal political advertisements easily. It is a great way to get a laugh out of your friends and relatives who will view your political ad. You can even create a dumb political video with you as the villain of the ad.

Make Your Own Political Ad With Your Facebook Data (link)

Whatever political ad you decide to make, whether character, small-town, credential, metro-America, biographical, or attack type, it will be fun and easy to make. All you need to do is to go to, log in to your Facebook account, and just follow the instructions on the PBS Newshour site. It is that easy.

PBS Newshour

While doing all this, you can even stop at various sections of the video of your choice and insert any Facebook posts or photos you want to insert. You definitely control the ad’s template all throughout.

On the learning side, you get to see just how political ads are made and the rigid guidelines these ads follow. As it turns out, the application does not allow you to make attack ads against anybody on Facebook except yourself. Turn Your Instagram, Flickr & Facebook Photos Into Stunning Video Slideshows

The timing could not have been better with elections coming up this November in the USA and early next year for some Asian countries.

Here's my personalized ad: LINK (Only my FB friends can view this)

PBS Has a New Tool That Lets You Make Your Own Political Ad with Your Facebook's Data

Previously on this blog we have talked about Loudlee, yet another YouTube-powered web service that provides a whole new option to discover and listen to your favorite music online. Loudlee works by allowing you to search existing playlists on YouTube, and play them on a custom Loudlee player.

Loudlee is already impressive. But here's the problem: you've got to add tracks by batch, and there's no way for you to save your custom playlist, which apparently is a kind of trouble when you decide to leave the site.

Download YouTube Video As Audio MP3 (No Software Needed)

Thankfully, there's such a good new web app called VeedList that seemed to fill the void of Loudlee.

VeedList: Make Your Own Custom YouTube Playlist (link)

VeedList is a free web service that provides you the quickest and the easiest way to create a custom playlist from your favorite videos on YouTube. As with LoudLee, VeedList harnesses the power of YouTube so users can better personalize their YouTube video streaming experience.

With the custom YouTube Player you can start buffering your next video, edit the start and end time of your videos and popout the player on your second screen or your TV. Invite friends, add them as contributors and make collaborative playlists.

Top 5 Best Pandora, Spotify Alternatives For Streaming Music Online

You will receive a notification for every video they add to your custom playlist. Also with the VeedList explorer you can search for playlists made by other users, watch them and share them on your favorite social network.

So, go check it out!

YouTube-Powered VeedList Lets You Create Custom YouTube Playlists

Back in the good ‘ol days, Scribd and Slideshare allowed you to host your PowerPoint photo presentations. These sites were very popular at that time. The problem is, you can’t use these sites to create new slideshows from the beginning.

There is also Prezi, Zoho, Microsoft Office web apps, and even Google Docs that are advanced resources you can utilize to create online presentations. However, none of these allows you to create simple slideshows as quickly and easily.

Create Video Slideshows From Facebook, Instagram Photos With Slidely (link)

Now, meet, it's a new web app that makes it easy to create photo slideshows from Picassa web albums, Instagram photos, Google Images, Flickr photos, and Facebook albums. also allows you to upload pictures from your own desktop and puts them together into a musical slideshow of your own production and making. You can simply pull images and photos from shared multiple social sites you share with others and just pick out the specific photos you like to create your very own photo album or photo slideshow. can even be used for office or class presentations so long as there’s an internet connection available.

Prezi: Create Visually Engaging, Rich Media Presentations, Slideshows Online FREE

Using is a snap. First you need login using your or Facebook account HERE. Once logged in, should bring you this:

Here you can select an album and individually select those photos you want to be added in your You may also remove and re-arrange the selected photos, and instruct to randomly select the photos to be displayed by simply toggling the "Shuffle" button, as seen below:

Now, hit "Preview and Save Slidely" button, until bring you this:

From here you can select a track as music background for your You can pick up from YouTube, SoundCloud, and you can even upload your own track. You can even choose from the thousands of free tracks from itself for your gallery, theme, or audio background.

Now it's time to add some effects. Just select any of the nine transition effects found in the upper right, as seen  here:

One unique feature of is that you can add pictures from any of your friend’s Facebook albums. Just make sure the privacy settings of the album or specific pictures are set to public or have been shared to you in the past.

Here's a presentation I created for the legendary Filipino rock band "Eraserheads": Turn Your Instagram, Flickr & Facebook Photos Into Stunning Video Slideshows

So you have a good collection of videos on YouTube, and realized that a link must be added to every single video uploaded on YouTube (as part of your promotion effort) so users can quickly head over to your site right after or during video playback.

Well, there are a couple of ways on how to accomplish this. But of course, we won't go through the same old process of editing your video and upload it back to YouTube again.

Here, we're going to show you a simple workaround on how to add hyperlinks to already uploaded videos on YouTube. Without even logging in to your YouTube account, you'll be able to add a tiny button or link to already uploaded videos on YouTube.

LinkedTube: Add Links To Already Uploaded YouTube Video Without Logging In

LinkedTube is the way to go when it comes to embedding links to already uploaded videos on YouTube. With LinkedTube, you can add links and sharing options within the video, thus, transforming any YouTube video into a useful viral promotion tool.

LinkedTube is straightforward to use. As you can see in the screenshot above, you only need to specify the YouTube Video ID, button text, URL, hover text and title. Then, hit "Save & Get Code " to get the embed code. It's that easy!

Here's a video from the awesome Piano guys:

<a href="">LinkedTube</a>

How To: Create, Add Links To Already Uploaded Videos On YouTube

Most of us are registered to at least one social networking site, more probably than not, Facebook or Twitter. But why do we use these social network sites and disclose our personal and private lives to the cloud? Yes! I hear you! To connect to our long lost friends, family and colleagues.

It is through social media that we are able to share our memories and other significant moments in our lives with our families and friends that has been separated from us geographically.

New Browser Extension Lets You Zoom Facebook Photos By Simply Hovering Them

Facebook has been kind enough to keep on researching and developing ways to present those precious memories with style and class. And one of Facebook's latest additions is: Timeline Movie Maker.

Bring Your Facebook Profile to Life with Timeline Movie Maker (link)

Facebook in cooperation with Definition 6 has rolled out a new web app called Timeline Movie Maker. The app allows you to create a mini-movie of your life, compiling the most golden events of your life. All you have to do is click on the green button and allow it to access your Facebook profile and the application will sort thru all of your posts and select the most interesting ones and make it to a short clip.

You may also add soundtrack to add a dramatic feel to your movie.

So go check it out! Have fun and share those quirky and fun moments in your life with your friends.

How To: Find Who Deleted, Removed You As Friend On Facebook

Griffith Boniel

About the author:

Griffith Boniel is a Bukidnon-based photographer, Nikon User, and a Nokia fan who's also passionate about social media, mobile and web technology. You can follow @gboniel on Twitter.

Timeline Movie Maker: Create A Short Clip From Your Facebook Timeline

You're in the middle of a video clip on YouTube and all of the sudden you realize that you need to get off your chair, shut down your PC for some important appointment. Now, how can you find your way back to where you were with the video clip you just watched?

While you can always navigate back to the video where you last left off by simply searching through YouTube again, now a brand new web service called Pause for Later seeks to eliminate that pesky process of clicking and searching through your favorite YouTube video again.

Pause for Later: The Easiest Way To Pause Videos For Watching Later [link]

Pause for Later is a handy browser extension that helps you point back to the last minutes and seconds of any YouTube video you watched but got interrupted for whatever reason. This add-on marks your spot in YouTube videos so you can anytime resume and watch them at the best of your comfort.
With Pause for Later you don't have to bookmark that long video presentation on YouTube nor search it again. All you have to do is to hit the pause button that sits next to your bookmarklet in the address bar.

Watch YouTube Videos Not Available In Your Country

Here's how to get started:

Step 1 Sign up for a free account HERE. All paused items get saved on their website so you can resume any one of them anytime, anywhere.

Step 2 Install the Pause for Later extension with the browser of your choice. For Chrome, get it HERE. For Firefox, get it HERE. Pause for Later is also available to Opera and Safari. Just head over to their Install page.

How To Watch YouTube Videos At Specific Minutes or Seconds 

Now, when you need to pause a YouTube video, you just need click the newly added pause button instead of the actual YouTube pause control.

Clicking on that Pause button should take you to the Pause for Later website, where you can view all your paused items and with a single click, resume any one of them.

The Action button (in green) brings you an option to restart the video from the beginning, mark it as unwatched, copy the link to your clipboard, and more.

Download Specific Parts, Portions of any YouTube Video

Pause for Later is one of the many handy add-on that makes YouTube streaming less of a hassle. Go and check it out.

For more of our YouTube tricks and goodies, visit HERE.

Pause For Later: Lets You Resume Your Interrupted Video Streaming On YouTube

The dreaded timeline feature of Facebook is upon us, and is inevitable.

 Facebook has decided to make the timeline feature mandatory across all its users. Problem is, at once in our lives, we’ve made a pretty bad decision of posting status updates that can make or break our application from a job or can destroy our current relationship. Facebook has no built-in feature that will allow us to delete our previous posts from a certain year.

There was once an Android application called Exfoliate, that they said, kept Mark up all night figuring how to combat the application that automatically deletes things for you. But Facebook has made moves and now the application is not available.

 Here, we present you a “brute-force” alternative that will help you “automate” the cleaning up process of your timeline. This may not be a full automation of the process but will definitely do you a favor.


- A web browser that supports iMacros (e.g. Firefox, Chrome)
- iMacros add-on for your chosen browser
- A little patience
- Common Sense

In this tutorial, we will use the Mozilla Firefox browser.


Step 1 Launch Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2 Download and install iMacros for FireFox.

Just click on the Add to Firefox link and follow on screen instruction to complete installation. After installation, allow it to restart your browser.

Step 3 When Firefox has restarted, go to your Facebook timeline page and start managing your timeline.

To do this thoroughly, I suggest we do it by month instead of by year.

Step 4 On the rightmost part of your timeline page, you will see the timeline. Click on the year you want to start, for this tutorial, I chose the year 2009. Clicking on the year 2009 will expand it with months.

Step 5 Right-click on the month you want to start with and select Open in New Tab.
Close you current tab and let’s start the actual process.

*Note: This will delete every post without giving you the ability to choose which post it deletes or skips.
On our next tab, we will see something like this.
Step 6 Let’s now activate iMacros. Locate the iMacros icon on your browser.

It’s the small icon to the left of the address bar. Click on it to activate the tool.

Once activated you will see this.

Step 7 Right click on the #Currenr.iim and select Edit Macro.

This window will pop-up. Current script may be different in your case.
Step 8 Select all and delete everything written in there and replace it with this.

TAG POS=1 TYPE=I ATTR=CLASS:mrsimgsp_78bswxsx_580af6

After doing so, click on save.

Click on the one you saved and click Play. You can also look at he Repeat Macro portion and select the number of times you want the process to execute.


iMacros: Mass Delete Previous Status, Wall Posts On Facebook By Year/Month

Just recently Facebook was again stormed by another dreadful attack. The coordinated spamming attack that lashed out Facebook this time is no more ordinary: pornographic and violent images have infiltrated news feeds and have gone viral across the web.

Clickjacking was the method used by notorious hackers responsible for the attack; they provide you with fake and eye-popping links (often coming from a trusted friend) which if clicked, advanced scripting gets executed within your browser, causing the spam link to spread even farther.

Check If Your AntiVirus Is Working Using Only Your NotePad

If you've been victimized by this extremely unpleasant attack, it's recommended that you change your account password as soon as possible, and don't bother to click on eye-catching links posted by your Facebook friend especially if you're in doubt.

Facebook seems to have struggled too much in eliminating this sort of attack. But you too can help thwart these attacks and make Facebook cooler again. Here's 5 Security Tips Steps On How To Stop, Prevent Facebook Spam from farther propagating on Facebook.

Tips On How To Protect Yourself From Facebook Porn Attack

Want something cool to gift this Christmas? Gadgets can be a sure thing but let's face it: consumer devices can cost your leg!

If you want something unique yet geeky present for your tech-savvy friends, you may want to check out this new service of Firebox, the Twitter Poster.

What is Twitter Poster?

Twitter Poster is a unique personalised print of your Twitter profile picture, made entirely from your tweets! All your insights, musings, recommendations, or shout-outs on Twitter will make up the poster, making it the most insightful, immediate and revealing self- portrait you could ever own.

Remove Unwanted Tweets On Twitter - Filter Tweets By Keyword

To obtain your Twitter Poster all you have to do is to provide your Twitter username. That's it. No more privacy-invading tricks involved. As long as your Twitter account is available for the public to view, Firebox will collect as many of your recent tweets to fill the 61cm x 61cm poster.

Here's a sample Twitter Poster, made entirely from recent tweets:

Firebox's Twitter Poster is a brilliantly geeky gift for friends, working colleagues and Twitter-savvy family members. Just click here to give it a try and see a preview of your finished poster.

Twitter Poster: Turn Your Tweets Into A Poster, With Picture Of Yours

Ever wanted to send a large video file from your mobile device to your friends, but couldn't due to restrictions on file size? Well, no more!

A startup company based in Finland seeks to eliminate the hassle of sending big files with its new global communication service called Jongla. The service allows you to send text, videos and images of any size to any mobile device and network operator in the world -- absolutely free!

How It Works?

Best Websites To Send Anonymous Emails for Free - No Signup Needed

For anyone who wants to use the service, a one-time registration is needed. Once the registration and activation of your account has been made, you can then proceed to the web interface or download the dedicated Jongla mobile app (available in iPhone, Android, Symbian and Java) so you can send unlimited amount of high quality videos, photos and text – or all them together straight from your phone.

Your friends don’t have to be registered to receive your message, and they don’t even need to own a high-end mobile phone to view your message. Recipients will receive an SMS text message, containing the name of the sender as well as link of the message. Of course, recipients have the option to view the message in a web browser or view it straight from their iPhone, Android, Symbian or Java-based device.

When Is It Useful?

In the end-user perspectives, I was a bit baffled by the idea of Jongla -- why its founders had to offer the service when in fact there’s already DropBox and other similar services that can cater our needs. But here’s something unique about Jongla:

This open messaging solution of Jongla comes in handy when there’s no computer or laptop available and you’re in a dire need of sending large size videos and photos stored on your phone. Jongla also is sure a piece of cake to anyone who wants to send photos or videos to non-MMS phones.

Learn How To Automatically Switch Off, Shutdown Your Phone At Specific Time

Start sending large size videos, high resolution photos, and long text message here.

Jongla Lets You Send Unlimited Videos, Photos To Any Mobile Number In The World For Free

Ever wondered how to resume your interrupted video upload on YouTube?

Slow internet connection, system's failure and power interruption are three major reasons of failed video uploads on YouTube. And sure you don't want to start the upload all over again on YouTube, yes?

Learn How To Load YouTube Video Fast

Good news is YouTube has just revamped its video uploading facility which now supports resumable video uploads of up to 15 minutes in length. Starting today, YouTube will automatically jump back to the point where your video upload was last interrupted. This truly is a great news especially for people who upload YouTube videos from a shared network or in an open wi-fi where internet connection can be terribly slow.

For this resumable video upload of YouTube to work, your video should no more than 15 minutes in length. You may also need to switch to advanced browser such as Firefox 4 or higher, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer for this video resumption to work.

YouTube Now Supports Resumable Video Uploads

The problem: you have uploaded a very long video presentation on YouTube and all of a sudden you discovered that something's wrong with the audio or the video doesn't have a music background at all.

This happened to me one time, and the process of replicating those defective videos was truly tiresome. I had to download the video from my YouTube account, do the audio modification and finally re-upload the video back to YouTube.

Download Portions, Specific Parts Of Any YouTube Video

Such long frustrating process is not only a waste of time but sure can be a good ground why YouTube may ban you anytime from using the service. Remember that YouTube discourage you to upload same copy of videos -- that's a spam. So, how can you change or replace the audio background of YouTube videos without having to download them?

Whether you're dealing with simple video tutorial or complex video walkthroughs, here is a smart way out on how to quickly change, replace the audio background of already uploaded video on YouTube.

AudioSwap Lets You Change Music Background Of Any YouTube Video On The Fly 

AudioSwap is a wonderful feature of YouTube that lets you change audio background of YouTube video on the fly. With AudioSwap, you don't need to download and edit the video on your computer, and upload same video all over again.
YouTube's AudioSwap allows users to automatically add music to their YouTube videos. Using our extensive list of songs, you can spice up your videos with songs from your favorite artists and we are adding more songs everyday.
Here’s how to change audio background of already uploaded video on YouTube:

CAUTION: Please note that your original Audiotrack will be completely replaced with the new sound track or background music. It would be better if you upload a sample video of shorter duration and first test YouTube’s Audioswap feature.

Step 1 Login to your YouTube Account, go to My Account > Videos. You should be able to see all uploaded videos presented as a list.

Step 2 Choose the video where you want to add the background music. Click “Edit” dropdown and choose “Audioswap”.

Step 3 Now you should be taken to the AudioSwap page where you can select the sound track for your video.

Step 4 Select your preferred track and optionally preview your video on the right pane before finally publishing it.

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How To: Change, Replace Music Background Of Already Uploaded YouTube Video On The Fly

Finally, it's here! Shortly after the announcement of video chat with Skype, Facebook has rolled out another support for videos, photos, Google Docs and other publicly accessible contents as attachments to your comments on Facebook. Now you can add, attach or embed YouTube videos, photos, and other external contents within the Facebook comments and let your friends play or view them inside comments’ thread.

Learn How To Find Who Deleted, Removed You As Friend On Facebook

All you have to do is to paste the link of the video (e.g., photos, Slideshare presentation, or public Google Docs document. Facebook will then automatically render the object within the comment section. Facebook friends who participated in the thread can then view the external objects inside the comments, eliminating the need to open it separately in a new tab or window.

Facebook Video Chat -- 10 Things You Need To Know

The sophistication of Google+ may have taken a serious bite out of Facebook traffic but that's not exactly a big deal for team Facebook. In fact, the goings-on in Google have motivated Facebook to come up with something new to make the website even more exciting and engaging.

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Add, Embed Videos, Photos, Google Docs Within Facebook Comments

Ever wanted to know who deleted you on Facebook? Ever wondered why the number of your Facebook friends has changed? Want to get notified when someone removes you as friend on Facebook? Facebookers who're curious (and hurt) about those who took time removing you as friend on Facebook can now take advantage of a handful of tools that tell you whether someone unfriends you on Facebook.

At first, I thought of it as a scam. Who would ever thought this is possible when Facebook has this restrictive policy especially when it comes to privacy thing? But again I was wrong; it is actually possible to find out who unfriended or removed you as friend on Facebook, and am going to show you how:

Find Out Who Deleted, Unfriended You On Facebook

The first method that we're going to use is Unfriend Finder, a browser extension designed for major web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Unfriend Finder, as what the name goes, tracks your friend's list and notifies you for any irregularities or "unfriends" made by your friends.

For Mozilla Firefox Users:

If you're using Firefox, you need to install Greasemonkey first, it's a Firefox add-on, to make Unfriend Finder work for you. By the time you have Greasemonkey installed, download Unfriend Finder for Firefox. Once Unfriend Finder is installed, close the tab with Facebook, or/and open a new tab and go to You should be welcomed with the introduction to Unfriend Friend, where it will take you through the necessary steps, and tips you need to get started.

For Google Chrome Users:

For non-Firefox users like Chrome, the process should be fairly simple. Just search for Unfriend Finder in Google Web Store or you can download Unfriend Finder for Chrome here. Once installed, go to and you should get the same welcome screen.

NOTE: Be sure to uninstall all previous extensions of Unfriend Finder to make it work.

"Who Deleted Me?" also is worth a try. This is a free service that notifies you via email whenever a friend removes you as friend on Facebook. The only downside for this is that email notification is delivered weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. And "unfriends" made prior to the installation/integration of "Who Deleted Me?" are not recorded.

How To: Find Who Deleted, Removed You As Friend On Facebook