Add, Embed Videos, Photos, Google Docs Within Facebook Comments

Finally, it's here! Shortly after the announcement of video chat with Skype, Facebook has rolled out another support for videos, photos, Google Docs and other publicly accessible contents as attachments to your comments on Facebook. Now you can add, attach or embed YouTube videos, photos, and other external contents within the Facebook comments and let your friends play or view them inside comments’ thread.

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All you have to do is to paste the link of the video (e.g., photos, Slideshare presentation, or public Google Docs document. Facebook will then automatically render the object within the comment section. Facebook friends who participated in the thread can then view the external objects inside the comments, eliminating the need to open it separately in a new tab or window.

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The sophistication of Google+ may have taken a serious bite out of Facebook traffic but that's not exactly a big deal for team Facebook. In fact, the goings-on in Google have motivated Facebook to come up with something new to make the website even more exciting and engaging.

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