Batch Process, Resize Multiple Images All At Once

Few days back, I was tasked to upload hundreds of photographs to a WordPress site so I can immediately create an elegant gallery to the site. Unfortunately, all images are of over 6MB in sizes each so I needed to resize all images first to reduce the size before finally uploading to the site. The process was not at all complicated; I just had to launch the default image editor then do the resizing of all pictures. I did it for over an hour, but I could have actually done it in few minutes if I was just resourceful enough to take advantage of free image resizing tools available out there that can resize all images inside a folder at the same time.

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If you don't want to waste your time manually resizing multiple images (just like what I did), you should take advantage of Bulk Image Resizer tool. Bulk Image Resizer is a handy image resizing tool that lets you quickly and easily resize  multiple images at the same time. The resizing engine supports the most popular formats and features high quality image resizing. The resizer will make any photo email friendly so you can email, upload, view, and move your images faster then ever.

Bulk Image Resizer (see screenshot) is developed by MariusSoft that can even convert JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PNG formats with no image size limitations. Here are Bulk Image Resizer key features:
  • Converts multiple files from multiple locations at once
  • Ability to specify new width or new height
  • Ability to force a specific width/height combination
  • Keep aspect ratio or skew image
  • High quality distortion-less resizing algorithm
  • Support for popular formats including JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF
  • Multi threaded to take advantage of multi core cpu's
  • Resize unlimited number of files of unlimited quality
  • Ability to rename files with a prefix or suffix
  • Ability to overwrite original image or specify a new location
  • Specify jpeg compression quality to further reduce filesize for photos
  • Drag and drop functionality for quick image queuing

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While other free image resizing software usually only allow you to batch resize images that are located within a single folder, Bulk Image Resizer can resize multiple images at once even if each image is located in different folder. Download  Bulk Image Resizer for free and start saving time now.

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