Automate Your Phone: Let Your Phone Perform Certain Actions Based On Your Location

How do you like if your phone automatically puts to a silent mode when you arrive at school or church and then switches back to regular mode when you leave the place? How do you like if your phone auto notifies your mom via SMS when you’re leaving the house? How do you like if your phone automatically plays your favorite songs when you arrive home?

Here’s a quick rundown of top-rated mobile applications that can automatically perform various actions based on your location. Actions such as sending of SMS text message, switching between profiles, and launching certain apps can now be fully automated using only your current geographical position.

GSMNavigator - Best Location-Aware App For Non-GPS Phone

First off, this is not only for GPS phones. As long as your mobile phone operates in a GSM Network, you can still enjoy full automation based on GSM cells collected by your phone.

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GSMNavigator is a location-aware Symbian app designed both for GPS and Non-GPS phone. The application allows you to perform various actions depending on your location. With GSMNavigator, you can instruct your phone “what to do” when entering or existing a specific location. The first time you visit a place you may assign some actions “On Enter” which will be automatically performed by your phone the next time you visit that place. The same and other actions can be instructed to your phone “On Exit”.

GSMNavigator is capable of automatic sending of SMS text messages and emails, playing your favorite music, changing profile, launching an application, and many other actions upon entering or exiting a location. GSMNavigator keeps detailed information about the places you visited (in the form of GSM Cells) so you can always see through to the places you visited the whole day. With that logged GSM information, you can then tag them with intelligible names (e.g. GSM Cell 125325 can be renamed as “School”) and assign specific actions such as putting your phone to silent mode “On Enter” and putting your phone back to normal “On Exit”.

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The nice thing about GSMNavigator is that it works even if your phone is not equipped with GPS. For more information, visit the official website.

For Android, AutomateIt, Chronos and Tasker are three of the best applications you can install on your  Android. Llama is a excellent app too. These apps work similarly with GSMNavigator; it lets you define a set of instructions/actions which will be performed by your phone in response to events such as location change, time of day, among others.

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You can use these location-based apps both for fun and security audits. If you want to know the whereabouts of your kid through SMS without him knowing, you can use these apps. These location-based apps for the Android and Symbian can also be used when you want to spy or catch your cheating boyfriend or husband.   

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