How To: Automatically Send SMS, Text Messages At Later Time

iPhone users, check out this guide how to easily send scheduled SMS without jailbreaking or additional software required.

Are you forgetful? Do you often miss to send important messages to your family, friends, or officemates on right time? Well, if yes, then an SMS Scheduler for java, Symbian, iPhone or Android application comes to your rescue.

One of the missing components in most mobile handsets today is the ability to auto send SMS messages at later point in time. A mobile application that can automatically send text messages at scheduled time is important especially for those people who want to plan in advance. With SMS Scheduler application installed on your iPhone, Android, Symbian or Java device, you can be the first to forward birthday greetings to your friends, or remind them for some important events.

New iPhone App Lets You Send Emails/SMS At Scheduled Date/Time

In this post, I'm going to share some of the best (and free) SMS Scheduler application that can be installed on most Motorola, Samsung, and Sony Ericson Java phone, s60 Symbian devices, Android and iPhones.

Mobile software, applications that can schedule SMS/text message sending at later time - for iPhone, Android, Symbian, and Java Phone:

SMSScheduler (Nokia s60) - The Smartest Way To Send Future Messages

Just compose a predefined SMS message, set sending date, and allow SMSScheduler to automatically send the predefined text message at the scheduled date & time. SMSScheduler requires the latest version of Python and is compatible to all s60v3 Nokia devices (list of s60v3 Nokia devices).

Download SMSScheduler [12.2KB] for FREE and start sending important messages to important people at later date/time.

SMS Scheduler for Android - Send Text Messages In The Future

If you're a happy owner of Android phone, never again will you miss to greet your loved ones on their birthdays or auto notify them for some important reminders.

With SMS Scheduler for Android, you can choose to whom and when you want to send an SMS.

Schedule your SMS and don’t worry anymore. You ’ll be notified when the SMS is sent and delivered. Free SMS Scheduler Download for Android.

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biteSMS - Schedule SMS Sending on your iPhone

This is an SMS utility application designed for iPhone. BiteSMS is loaded with extra messaging features such as auto-sending of SMS at later time. The app allows you to schedule the sending of text message to a person at a particular date and time. This SMS scheduling application is great and easy to use. You can specify any future date and time for scheduling your text message. For more information visit the official site.

Txtot - Free SMS Scheduler App for the iPhone (No Need To Jailbreak)

Txtot is yet another killer app for the iPhone that lets you schedule your SMS text message and send it at later point in time. Txtot works almost similarly with SMS Scheduler for Symbian; write your text messages and set sending date and time. Good thing about it is that there's no need for you to jailbreak your iPhone. Download it here.

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SMS Scheduler JAR Version (Java Phone) - Automate Sending of SMS, Text Messages at Later Time

If you don't have Android, iPhone or Symbian phone, then, this application is ideally right for you. This is an SMS Scheduler application especially designed for Java phones including Samsung, Sony Ericson, Motorola, etc. One major requirement to fully use this app is to patch your device so as to remove annoying pop-ups like "Allow application to send message?". Download SMS Scheduler for Java HERE.

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There you have it! Four must-have SMS applications to answer your SMS scheduling needs. I personally find these apps useful especially if I am to avail some call/text messaging promo which is often a headache especially if done during peak-hours. With SMS Scheduler app installed on my phone, I can do the registration process in the middle of the night while I'm soundly asleep.

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If you can think of any other SMS Scheduler for iPhone, Android, Bada, Symbian, or Java phones, please let me know by dropping comments below. Make your smartphone even smarter by reading these cool tips and tricks for your phone.

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