New iPhone App Lets You Schedule, Send Emails/Text Messages At Specific Time

If you're wondering about how to schedule, send emails on your iPhone or iPad at specified date and time, well, then, good news! A new email and SMS scheduling iPhone app just hit the iTunes yesterday that promise to do just that!

There are several occasions when you want to send emails straight from your iPhone, iPad at future date/time. For example, you might want to remind your co-worker (who's in the other part of the world and at a different timezone) to do an important task while you're in the middle of the night resting. Or you want to auto-notify your customers about a special promo that goes live in the next couple of hours.

Automatically Send Email Messages At Specific Time In Gmail

Whatever the reason is, email scheduling app for the iPhone or iPad will do you a favor.

Cronote Reminders: Schedule, Send Emails, SMS At Future Date/Time (iPhone/iPad)

Cronote Reminders (link) is the new iOS app that allows you to send emails and text messages at a specific date and time. Just specify the sending time, list down the recipients and let your iPhone auto-send that email/text message at predefined time.
The neat interface of Cronote allows you to send future email reminders to multiple recipients, which is manageable prior to final delivery. In addition, Cronote provides a website so you can manage your future emails and text messages even if you're not carrying your iPhone with you.

Automatically Send SMS Text Messages At Later Time (iPhone/Android/Symbian)

Download Cronote Reminders for the iPhone/iPad from the iTunes HERE.

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