How To: Automatically Send Email Messages At Later Time

Previously on this blog we have talked about SMS Scheduler apps both for the iPhone and Android.  SMS Scheduler apps are special kind of software that let you schedule, auto-send SMS text messages at later point in time. You just have to specify the sending date and time, and let your phone automatically send those scheduled messages at preset time. Head over HERE to learn more on how to automatically send SMS text messages at predefined time.

This short tutorial will introduce you to yet another awesome scheduling app, but this time for emails.

Check If Email Address Is Valid -- Verify If Email Address Is Existing

Scheduling your emails to be sent in the future is helpful for some reasons. One good example is that you might want to deliver your email at the exact time when the recipient gets to their desk every morning. Or if you know that the recipient always gets online every 8:00 PM, it might also wise to schedule your email to be delivered on that time. You don't want your emails to be buried by all of the other emails, right?

Schedule Emails in Gmail To Be Sent Later

This handy add-on is called RightInbox, a free Chrome and Firefox extension specifically designed for Gmail that lets you schedule, send email messages at predefined time. Once installed, you may need to reload Gmail until you get prompted like this:
Just hit "Continue" until you arrive on this page:
If you've successfully granted access to RightInbox, "Send Later" button should now sits next to "Send Now" button. Here's a quick video walkthrough on how to use RightInbox:

Let Your Browser Talk - Awesome Webpage Reader Plugin For Chrome, Firefox

The good thing about RightInbox is that your email still get delivered even if you shut down your computer. Download RightInbox - The Email Scheduler HERE

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