Let Your Browser Talk - Awesome Webpage Reader Plugins for Chrome, Firefox

One notable feature of Opera that is missing in Chrome and Firefox is that you can let the browser to read out loud texts found in webpages for you. The process is simple: just highlight the texts you want Opera to speak for you, right-click, then hit "Speak". You should immediately hear Opera talking about the webpage you're browsing -- be it about news articles, emails, tweets or Facebook updates. Safari Browser also comes with this builtin text-to-speech (TTS) function, making it easier to catch up news and updates.

If you're looking for similar webpage reader or read-out-loud function for your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and even Internet Explorer, you might want to check out these voice plugins/text to speech browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Awesome Webpage Reader Add-Ons To Make Your Chrome, Firefox and IE Talk

SpeakIt - Let Google Chrome, Firefox Reads Out Loud Webpages For You

SpeakIt reads out loud selected text in a webpage using native Google TTS (Text-to-Speech) engine. This Text-to-Text plugin for Chrome can auto-detect language used in a webpage and in fact it supports languages supported by Google except Bulgarian, Japanese and Arabic. This TTS extension of Chrome is still in early Alfa so you may encounter bugs. For downloads and information on how to use, visit SpeakIt for Chrome website.

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Similar webpage reader browser extension is also available for Mozilla Firefox. Speak-It for Firefox reads pages or selected text using Microsoft TTS engine. For more information, click here.

IESpeaker - A Text-to-Speech, Webpage Reader for IE

IESpeaker is a free webpage reader for Internet Explorer that speaks selected texts on a website for you. If installed, you should see extra menu with title "Speak" in your Internet Explorer and a Speaker Button on the toolbar. Just open the IE browser, open any website with any content, select text, and right click on it or click on speaker button on the toolbar. A small window will then pop up speaking everything you've selected. Download IESpeaker here.

These Text-to-Speech (TTS) browser extension for Firefox, Chrome and IE can be useful if you want to read something on the web but can't be present in front of the computer. With SpeakIt or IESpeaker, you can cook a meal or clean a room while your browser is reading web or news articles for you.

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