If you're a traveler who wants to stay productive while on-the-go or you're a digital nomad who loves to mix leisure and work, chances are you'll need a decent power bank for your laptop more than you'd imagine.

An extra power bank that can charge your Mac or laptop ensures you have extra battery juices you can turn to when you needed to do last minute work while your laptop's battery is dead empty. A portable power bank that fully supports your Mac or Windows laptop is especially useful if you're in the most remote part of the country where rotational brownouts are expected.

In this article, we will show you top-of-the-line power banks for your Mac or Windows computer that guarantee to give you those extra hours without hurting your wallet. We specially hand-picked below's list with charging speed/time, safety, and capacity as criteria.

The Best Laptop Power Banks You Can Carry Anywhere

  1. Crave PowerPack Power Bank (50000mAh)

    Topping from this list is this 50,000mAh backup power bank from Crave PowerPack. Crave PowerPack CRVPP101 is your compact, high-density travel companion guaranteed to fully charge your devices anywhere you go. This power bank has two laptop power supply ports and universal compatibility with virtually any mobile devices.

    Capacity: 50,000mAh Laptop Compatibility: Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Lenovo, NEC, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba (Apple Laptops draw > 5 Amps, not supported) Port Compatibility: 1 20V/3 Amp Port for Laptops

  2. Mophie Powerstation (22,000mAh)

    Powerstation AC is another strong contender under this category. This quick-charging emergency power bank offers you a legit AC port that gives your notebook or Mac a safe 100W power (110V) and a USB-C charging port that provides 30W power.

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    Although not as big as Crave PowerPack's 50,000mAh, Mophie Powerstation AC should be enough to give your laptop additional 15+ hours emergency battery.

  3. Omnicharge AC/DC (20,400mAh)

    Omnicharge's 20,400mAh power bank is another easy favorite amongst travelers and digital nomads, and it's easy to see why. This emergency power bank is well-equipped with fast-charging USB ports and a 100W AC outlet that can power your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Microsoft Surface Pro 3/4, Lenovo, Dell, HP Laptops, DSLR cameras, and even DJI drone's battery.

  4. MAXOAK Laptop Power Bank (50,000mAh)

    MAXOAK's 50,000mAh power bank is your compact and lightweight external battery pack ideally recommended for Windows-based laptop. This power bank has a total of 6 charging ports: one 20V/5A for laptops, one 12V/2.5A for digital cameras, two 5V/2.1A, and two USB 5V/1A for iPhones, tablets. MAXOAK has a wide laptop compatibility support which includes Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface Pro, Sony, Samsung, Acer, and Toshiba.

  5. AC Jackery PowerBar (23,200mAh)

    Jackery PowerBar 23200mAh external battery pack delivers 85W of power via AC outlet and a few powerful outputs including Quick Charge 3.0, USB C, and 5V/2.4A, making it an indispensable travel companion. This power bank can charge your 15.4" MacBook Pro and other 15'' laptops, GoPros and other hand-held devices.

There you have it! So next time you embark on another beach pilgrimage or go in an adventure, be sure to bring one of these power banks for your laptop!

5 High-Capacity Laptop Power Banks for Your On-The-Go Lifestyle

We always love to talk about something cool and awesome in the web. And one of those top-notch web services I just discovered that truly deserves a mention on this blog is: Loudlee.

Loudlee (link) is a brand new music service created by Guy Elharar and Yaron Revah. This Israel-based website harnesses the power of YouTube that gives users a whole new option to discover and listen to their favorite music online. Loudlee is like Pinterest, but for music.

How does Loudlee work?

Loudlee comes with intuitively neat interface, making it easy to use. All you need is a Facebook account, and do a one-time registration using that account. After linking your Facebook account, Loudlee should bring a page which features most recent artists/albums other Loudlee users are tuning to. Here you can hover/navigate through the albums being featured and hit "Play" or "Add".

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Clicking on "Play" button should bring a nifty music player that sits at the right side of the screen, which displays the video of the current song. You may also "Add" tracks to your current playlist from other albums, making your online music experience truly more personal.

Create A Visually Engaging, Rich Media Presentation With Prezi

You can also dive right in and search for songs, artists or album of your choice. You may also listen to an entire album at a time, play specific songs, or even any given artist’s most popular songs. Music will continue to play in the background as you navigate through other websites.

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The only downside for Loudlee I think is that you cannot save your playlist, but I believe this is an upcoming feature.
Spotify or Pandora not available in your country? Give Loudlee a try! 

YouTube-Powered LoudLee Lets You Create Personalized Online Radio, Listen To Music Online

Looking at the ubiquity of many web-based presentation tools flooded online, you might as well wonder why would I had to write this tiny piece of post when you can anytime pull off your chair and access those long-standing presentation software online. Well, my explanation is simple: Prezi is irresistibly awesome online presentation tool that transforms your sheer ideas into visually stunning presentations! 

So, what is Prezi?

Prezi is the new God when it comes to creating visually attractive yet professional presentations online. Already used by hundreds to thousands of public speakers, students and exhibitionists, Prezi is a free cloud-based presentation software that revolutionizes the way you present your ideas. All you need is an advanced browser (i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera) and a little bit of creativity to play around your ideas.

Prezi already comes with beautiful themes, editable "prezi" templates, so you don't need to visualize your idea from scratch. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them. The result: visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery. 

Key features of Prezi:

Pan and Zoom
Visualize your ideas. Pan Left, Move Right, Zoom-in on a detail, or Zoom-out to show the big picture.

Import Media
Insert images, videos, YouTube videos, PDFs, PowerPoint (PPT) or other media to make your prezi highly visual.

Add Storyline
Use frames and paths to turn your prezi into a cinematic journey.

Full Toolset
Choose from our collection of templates and themes to personalize your prezi.

Present Online and Offline
Present online or download and show your prezi anytime, anywhere.

Work Together
With Prezi Meeting, you can collaborate on your prezis in real time, whether across the room or across time zones.

Presentations are a great way to convey ideas to your clients, students or co-workers. Creating presentations can sometimes be an irksome task but thanks to the creator of Prezi -- not only can you create visually attractive presentation online but you'll surely have a presentation that stands out! See Prezi in action HERE.

Prezi: Create Visually Engaging, Rich Media Presentations, Slideshows Online FREE

Going local, two programming buffs in Cagayan de Oro City is currently working on a new web app that seeks to make Facebook even more fun and engaging.

The new app, dubbed as CDOMostPopular, is an experimental app founded by Roland ‘Bangs’ Banguiran and DjaneRey ‘Zen’ Dela Riarte Mabelin. “The whole idea was conceived by Bangs. With him being particularly good at turning idea into gold, we decided to merge together and turn his idea into a real web app”, says Zen, the lead developer.

At its core, CDOMostPopular is a game of fame; whoever gets the most number of “likes” or “votes” will be declared as winner. "Every Kagayanon here and abroad can freely join, so long as they have an active Facebook account they can start voting and sending invites right away", added Zen.

CDOMostPopular is backed by Facebook Graph API, so no registration and profile updates needed back to the site. The site also promised ‘exciting’ features which can potentially take a serious bite out of Facebook traffic.

While it is unclear as yet just as how people should choose their bets, people are encouraged to choose and nominate those people who’ve done something extraordinary, those who have made us proud as Kagayanon – be it about in the field of music, fashion, sports, medicine, and community service, among others. And since it’s sort of like a contest, winners will receive ‘cool’ prizes from its sponsors.

The app is not yet ready for primetime, but it will be launched very soon. If realized, CDOMostPopular will be the first-of-its-kind app in the Philippines, if not to the whole world.

Sir Bangs is the man behind mycdojobs.com and mycdosale.com, two of the most visited websites in the Philippines while Zen seeks to help local businesses reach their customers by putting up cdobiz.com, the premier web business directory in Cagayan de Oro City.

Want to get notified when the site is up and ready? Be an alpha tester by signing up here.

Oro Starters To Launch ‘Something Awesome’ Facebook App

We already have Wikipedia, one of the most valuable wealth in the internet and HowStuffWorks, the ultimate venue for science buffs and curious creatures who never stop wondering just as how certain things in the world really work. Today, here's another web resource you might want to add in your loop: Curiosity.com.

The recently launched Curiosity.com is the first-of-its-kind Q&A platform designed for people who never stop wondering and asking the biggest questions of life. What's cool about Curiosity is that you can post virtually all types of questions and get real answers from world's brightest minds.

Get notified when someone talks about you on the internet

Curiosity.com is participated by thought leaders, also known as Curiosity Luminaries, who never get out of answers to nearly all types of questions. The growing number of contributors/answerers includes NASA scientists, physicists, Nobel prize winners, MicroSoft execs, inventors, engineers, authors, CEOs, artists and health practitioners. The guys at Google, HowStuffWorks, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet are also there willing to give answers to the most fascinating questions of the curious mind.

"Curiosity is at the very heart of what it means to be human and we never stop wondering and asking the biggest questions of life,"

"At Discovery, we have been in the business of satisfying curiosity for more than 25 years, and this project is a natural extension of our mission. Through Curiosity.com we have created a first-of-its-kind platform where you can answer the question and question the answer...to endlessly explore and raise our collective IQ."

Engage In The Bible Like Never Before

As of writing, there are about 12,000 questions posted at Curiosity, ranging from Paranormal Science to Nanotechnology, UFO sightings to the horror of Marco Polo's wife. Answers to fascinating questions are constantly growing and new questions are posted everyday. Here are some of the fascinating questions (as well as answers) from curious individuals that made me really busy the past few days:
Curiosity.com believes that if you don't ask, you don't get. Curiosity was created so that you'll emerge as wise, curious, aware and knowledgeable being.

Curiosity.com: Get Answers To Life Biggest Questions From World's Brightest Minds

One notable feature of Opera that is missing in Chrome and Firefox is that you can let the browser to read out loud texts found in webpages for you. The process is simple: just highlight the texts you want Opera to speak for you, right-click, then hit "Speak". You should immediately hear Opera talking about the webpage you're browsing -- be it about news articles, emails, tweets or Facebook updates. Safari Browser also comes with this builtin text-to-speech (TTS) function, making it easier to catch up news and updates.

If you're looking for similar webpage reader or read-out-loud function for your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and even Internet Explorer, you might want to check out these voice plugins/text to speech browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Awesome Webpage Reader Add-Ons To Make Your Chrome, Firefox and IE Talk

SpeakIt - Let Google Chrome, Firefox Reads Out Loud Webpages For You

SpeakIt reads out loud selected text in a webpage using native Google TTS (Text-to-Speech) engine. This Text-to-Text plugin for Chrome can auto-detect language used in a webpage and in fact it supports languages supported by Google except Bulgarian, Japanese and Arabic. This TTS extension of Chrome is still in early Alfa so you may encounter bugs. For downloads and information on how to use, visit SpeakIt for Chrome website.

Send SMS text message? Don't type; just say it and let your iPhone, Android or Symbian auto-type your message

Similar webpage reader browser extension is also available for Mozilla Firefox. Speak-It for Firefox reads pages or selected text using Microsoft TTS engine. For more information, click here.

IESpeaker - A Text-to-Speech, Webpage Reader for IE

IESpeaker is a free webpage reader for Internet Explorer that speaks selected texts on a website for you. If installed, you should see extra menu with title "Speak" in your Internet Explorer and a Speaker Button on the toolbar. Just open the IE browser, open any website with any content, select text, and right click on it or click on speaker button on the toolbar. A small window will then pop up speaking everything you've selected. Download IESpeaker here.

These Text-to-Speech (TTS) browser extension for Firefox, Chrome and IE can be useful if you want to read something on the web but can't be present in front of the computer. With SpeakIt or IESpeaker, you can cook a meal or clean a room while your browser is reading web or news articles for you.

Let Your Browser Talk - Awesome Webpage Reader Plugins for Chrome, Firefox

Anonymous emails are emails that have been sent to a recipient through a third-party mail server that does not identify the sender of the email.

There are several occassions when you need to send anonymous email messages. If you cannot say something straight to a friend or colleague -- be it about your love or disgust -- you might want to send him/her an anonymous email. If you want to report fraud to your boss or inform the police for any illegal activities in your area, you may resort to an anonymous email service and start sending email messages anonymously.

Anonymous emails can also be useful if you want to:
  • make brutal confession to your teacher
  • catch your cheating spouse husband or wife
  • confess your appreciation to somebody
  • play email jokes to your friends
  • many others...

Check, Verify If Email Address Is Valid Or Existing

If you want to send email messages to somebody without being traced, you may want to check out these fast and reliable websites that let you send anonymous emails in an instant for free. These free anonymous email services require no signups and can quickly deliver your email messages straight to your recipient's inbox.

Best Websites To Send Anonymous Emails for Free - No Signup Required

Image Credits: BlogSolute.com

Send-email.org - Send Instant Anonymous Email for Free [link]

Send-email.org is a unique tool in its way. This anonymous email service lets you send email message fast and free (no delay). Just provide recipient's email address, email subject and your message. Email recipient will immediately receive your anonymous message from auto-generated email address.

Get Notified When Someone Publishes Your Private Information Online

FunMaza - Send Anonymous Email Without Being Traced [link]

FunMaza is a free anonymous email service provider based in the UK. As with Send-email.org, it lets you send anonymous emails to anybody with complete anonymity. At FunMaza, you provide a dummy name and a dummy email as sender (could be somebody's email address), and fill out the subject and email message. FunMaza also delivers your anonymous email messages fast with fake header email information. Visit FunMaza's website.

AnonEmail - Send Email Without Revealing Your Email Address [link]

With AnonEmail, you can communicate more freely without exposing your email address and other information to your recipients. The service may intentionally delay the delivery of your email message for security purposes, but rest assured that your messages will be delivered the next hours. AnonEmail randomly generate fake email address and sender name to protect your identity. Start sending anonymous email with AnonEmail here.

Fast And Reliable Websites To Send Free SMS To Philippines, Abroad

Note: I created this post with a hope that it can be used in some other wholesome way (e.g. inform police for any illegal activities). This is not to encourage you to use these anonymous email services to perform harmful or illegal activities. Use these services responsibly!

Best Websites To Send Anonymous Email For Free - No Signup Needed

Google is rolling out yet another free web service that lets you stream your favorite music just the way you want it.

Google Music gets you "much closer" to your favorite tracks by allowing you to upload and listen your personal music in the cloud, and keep your music collection in sync whenever, wherever. With Google Music, you can forget the hassle of cables and files.

Why does Google is bringing such online music portal is a question I even asked. Considering that there have been long-standing "cool" music providers out there, Google should bring something unique in this music service in order to stand among the crowd. Thankfully, Google Music comes with really unique and enticing capabilities, which would make it really cool and exciting music experience.

Here's top 4 reasons why you would ever love this music service of Google, and why Google Music is a better way to play your music:

Listen Anywhere, Even Offline.

You can access to your personal music collection at home or on the go. Listen from the web or any web-enabled device with the Music app available from Android Market. Not online? No problem. The songs you've recently played will automatically be available offline. You can also select the specific albums, artists and playlists yo want to have available when you're not connected.

Your Music Collection, Now In One Place.

Upload your personal music collection to a single library, even if it's scattered across multiple computers. You can upload music files from any folder or add your iTunesR library and all of your playlists. And when
you add new music to your computer, it can be automatically added to your music collection online.

Stay In Sync, Without The Hassle.

Spend more time listening to your music and less time managing it. Once your music is online, it's always available. Playlists are automatically kept in sync, and you don't have to worry about cables, file transfers,
or running out of storage space.

Mix It Up.

Create your own custom playlists with just a few clicks. Or use Instant Mix to
automatically build new playlists of songs from your collection that go great together. All the playlists you create and all the changes you make to them are automatically available everywhere your music is.

Google Music (Beta) is a simple demonstration of how Cloud Computing works. Give it a try here.

Why Is Google Music A Better Way To Play Your Music?

Alright, before you even think of going into IT school this semester let me remind you this: behind every great "computer system" comes a maker who didn't even have a college degree.

The point is: you don't need to spend four years in college just to obtain the necessary skillsets to tame your computer or conquer the web. The World Wide Web is flooded with many web resources, tutorials which should help you appreciate the subject. But, it's a big plus though to spend some time in college to facilitate the learning process.

There has been growing number of IT school in Cagayan de Oro City Northern Mindanao. If you just moved to Cagayan de Oro City and serious about Information Technology, but particularly no idea what's the best IT school in Cagayan de Oro to start, here's a partial list of computer institutes, colleges, and universities in Cagayan de Oro, together with their concentrations and affiliations:

Informatics Computer Institute (ICI)

I've been hearing good feedbacks in Informatics Computer Institute CDO (ICI-CDO) -- which will soon become a full-pledged IT College in CDO; they've got modular IT programs which is quite awesome for starters who wish to appreciate the subject fast. Concentrations include Java, Oracle and Net programming, web design and development, animation and digital arts, and many other networking tools and programs.

Informatics equip students with the right skills to feed the growing IT needs of banks, government agencies, the police and the entertainment industry. ICI has this mission: to equip students with much-needed IT skills to help you get a job...FAST. Visit Informatics Official Website for more information.

Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST)

Formerly known as MPSC, Mindanao University of Science Technology (MUST) has historic years of excellent IT education in Northern Mindanao. They're the ultimate destination for youngsters looking for affordable and quality IT education in Northern Mindanao. MUST is affiliated to CISCO and many other key players and industry-setters today. Visit MUST Official Website for more information.

Liceo de Cagayan University (LDCU)

Liceo de Cagayan University also is a place to go; they've got excellent partnership with Microsoft, Adobe, among others. Networking also is their cup of tea; they're top producer of CISCO Certified Network Associates (CCNA) in the region. Needless to say, Opensource doesn't seemed to matter at Liceo; they've got scarce collections of Linux/Unix resources in their labs, which is a big "turn-off" for Opensource evangelists. Visit their official website here.

Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan University

Xavier University also is an excellent choice for IT education in Northern Mindanao. Though IT is relatively new at XU, they're equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technically-equipped mentors. XU-IT is ideally right for people who wish to concentrate more on server/network administration and programming, for they're great appreciator of Opensource products/services (that's according to my CS friends there). So, if you're someone with "open source matters" sense, go to Xavier. Visit their website here.

Cagayan de Oro College (COC), Capitol University (CU), AMA Computer College, STI and Southern Philippines College (SPC) also are excellent choice for IT education in Cagayan de Oro, Northern Mindanao. They also have good partnership with CISCO and many other industry leaders here and abroad.

As a final point, go and invest into a university/college with ladderized IT education, top-notched facilities and affiliations, peppered with technically-equipped teaching workforce! But then again, no matter how good the effort of IT school you're in if you're not doing your part as a learner, it's all useless.

Photo by: LatestTechWorld.com.

IT Schools, Colleges & Universities in Cagayan de Oro City

PinoyDen understands that you browse though a website for some goodies and information. PinoyDen understands that your time is precious and that you hate to waste your time browsing though a web portal with contents full of flupps.

That is exactly the reason why PinoyDen was born; to take you in the know about the latest and the coolest, may you be looking for applications or softwares, games, tricks, tutorials, eBooks, hacks, guides, among others.

This well-designed online community is a one-stop online portal for Filipinos who love to share and help. Pinoyden is inspired to get you up to date; PinoyDen houses wide varieties of information, topics, troubleshooting tips, guides and tutorials that every Filipino needs to know. Its friendly staffs and members make every first-time visitor comfortable which makes PinoyDen a unique online community.

At PinoyDen , you can't help but stay a little longer for its straight-forward and superb contents that would surely get you at the lead. PinoyDen will never get out of buzz and information that every Filipino needs to know, be it about the latest tricks on how to make calls for free, text for free, and the sought-after tricks on how to browse the web for free.

Not only is PinoyDen a haven for the latest tricks for you to enjoy, but this informative Pinoy portal also has a large collection of the latest and the coolest mobile applications, softwares, games and just about everything that makes your phone a kick-ass smart. At PinoyDen, there's no such thing as "premium", and if you're looking for cracks, serials or keygens, PinoyDen is the perfect place to go.

PinoyDen's friendly staffs and the members are always on the lookout 24/7 willing to guide you and give you troubleshooting tips and howtos, be it about your PC or your iPhone, Nokia, Sony-Ericson, Samsung, among others.

So, if you're a web designer/developer wishing to get some help, or a non-computer savvy needing technical help and assistance, or a man/woman needing some legal advice (you heard it right, PinoyDen got a bunch of lawyers), or a student who wish to exchange ideas with other members, or simply a junkie who loves FREE browse, free calls, free SMS, and free premium applications, well, then, PinoyDen is the perfect place to go.

PinoyDen believes in the power of sharing and helping. And thus, PinoyDen is surely worth your time.

PinoyDen - More Than A Community

Internet search giant Google began rolling out a new feature Tuesday called "Instant Previews" that allows Web surfers to sample a website without having to click through to the page.

Clicking on a small icon of a magnifying glass next to a search result gives a user a visual snapshot of the most relevant content on a particular page in a pop-up box off to the side.

Hovering with a mouse over the other search results provides a visual preview of the other pages.

A Web surfer looking for a picture or a map, for example, can determine whether it is contained in a particular site by checking out the preview, eliminating the need to click through to the page and then back again if disappointed.

Internet search giant Google began rolling out a new feature Tuesday called "Instant Previews" that allows Web surfers to sample a website without having to click through to the page.

Clicking on a small icon of a magnifying glass next to a search result gives a user a visual snapshot of the most relevant content on a particular page in a pop-up box off to the side.

Hovering with a mouse over the other search results provides a visual preview of the other pages.

A Web surfer looking for a picture or a map, for example, can determine whether it is contained in a particular site by checking out the preview, eliminating the need to click through to the page and then back again if disappointed.

"In our testing, we've found that people who use Instant Previews are about five percent more likely to be satisfied with the results they click," Google product manager Raj Krishnan said in a blog post.

"The previews provide new ways to evaluate search results, making you more likely to find what you're looking for on the pages you visit," Krishnan said.

"With Instant Previews, we match your query with an index of the entire Web, identify the relevant parts of each webpage, stitch them together and serve the resulting preview completely customized to your search – usually in under one-tenth of a second," Krishnan said.

He said "Instant Previews" will be available in more than 40 languages over the next few days.

"Instant Previews" is Google's latest bid to improve search and comes on the heels of "Google Instant," a feature launched in September that displays search results as fast as a user types.

New Google Feature Provides Previews of Web Search Results

For sure, nobody would ever rush for this limited edition smartphone of Nokia today. It must be because of its oddly-shaped casings that no surprise, could have discouraged you. Looking at the other side of it makes you pause for a moment and realize how lucky are you handing this soap-like-shaped Nokia 5500. Who would ever thought this piece of crap gives you all what you need?

It was on 2006 I made to experience for the first time the so-called "Symbian Freedom". The nokia 5500 is the first ever nokia phone built with accelerometer function. To non-tekky out there, accelerometer is a feature that gives your phone the power to accurately detect movements. So if you walk or run for instance, it counts the number of steps suprisingly at exact manner. It even counts the number of calories you burn if you go biking. Another pioneering feature is the text-to-speech function. Since Nokia 5500 is built with motion sensors, all incoming messages can be read out loud with a single tap!

One thing also I love the most about my Nokia 5500 sport is its excellent software platform and robust hardware built. Like any other else, what makes mobile phones beautiful and more useful are the must-have applications available today . My nokia 5500 is lucky enough for its Symbian Series 60 version 3 operating system which gives me the whole lot beyond mobility experience. Myriad of applications can be installed on Nokia 5500, which absolutely empower everyone whatever walks of life they have. I am a student, and Nokia 5500 is now my best friend. I can't make the whole day if this wonderful device is not present on my pocket.

With my Nokia 5500, this is where my blog posts are kept updated, just like this entry. This is where I connect to the world with Opera Mini, check emails, see my network activity on Facebook and Twitter. This is where I type all documents needed for the next days with QuickOffice Suit. This is where I manage my daily expenses with its little Excel. This is where I prepare my powerpoint presentation for my reports.This is where I sing along with LCG Jukebox music player with downloadable lyrics, just few clicks. This is where I download MP3s and other media files with dedicated download manager java applet. This is where I stream YouTube videos using Skyfire and Bolt. This is where I have the total control of my files with the best mobile file explorer, the LCG X-plore. This is where my theatrical entertainment is experienced with Coreplayer and Smartmovie video player. This is where I read digital books with MobiPocket or Adobe LE e-book reader. This is where I take panoramic and excellent camera shots with Panoman. This is where I kill my boredom with the stunning 3D games. This is where I get updated with my friends' latest with Ebuddy Mobile Messenger. This is where I get to have a satellite virtual tour in the universe with Google Maps Mobile. This is where I keep guided anywhere I go with my location tracking program GSMNavigator.

My Nokia 5500 Sport Experience