How To: Check If Email Address Is Valid - Verify Email Address If Exists

Whether you're an email marketer or not, it's important that your emails are delivered straight to your recipient's inbox. You don't want to waste your time sending messages to non-existing or invalid email addresses. So, how can you verify or check if an email address is valid, existing and is not fake? An online email address checker that can verify an email address comes to your rescue.

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Online Email Checker

Below are some of the best online email address checker that can check, verify if an email address is valid or existing (these are web-based email address checkers I personally tested and no additional software needed):

Best Free Online Email Address Validators

Email Unlimited - A Free Online Email Checker[LINK]

This is an online email verifier that lets you verify if an email address is is existing, valid, or properly formatted. The online email checker service is completely free and easy to use: just provide the email address and in seconds the website connects you to the mail server and checks if the specified email address really exists.

Email Checker - Checks If Email Address Is Existing or Valid [LINK]

Email Checker does the same job: it connects to the mail server and performs email address lookup to the mail box. This is an excellent online email address checker which can determine if the email address is fake, invalid or non-existent.

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I prefer this online email checker service because it allows me to view additional information to each valid email address such as pictures, web, blog and local searches. Just click the "info" button for interesting research data on email addresses. And the fact that I can also export email addressed to CSV or excel makes it even more interesting.

Verify Email - Free Email Verifier [LINK]

Verify Email is another online email verification tool that actually connects to the mail server and checks if the mailbox exists or not.

There you have it. Free web services that can check and verify if an email address is valid or existing. For more tips and tutorials, browse here.

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