iOS 14 is coming to iPhone! Just like Apple’s previous releases, the upcoming iOS 14 is packed with features that will redefine everyone’s iPhone experience.

One of iOS 14 much-awaited features is the introduction of Picture-in-Picture (PiP) playback on iOS (finally). That is, with PiP officially coming to iPhone, you’ll be able to multitask and navigate to other apps while a small, resizable window floats on your device’s screen.

iOS 14’s Picture-in-Picture playback will be officially supported on iPhone’s stock apps like FaceTime and Safari. In Safari for instance, you can play whatever video source and enable Picture-in-Picture with just a few taps. This makes it possible to do PiP on YouTube as long as you view it inside Safari.

But, what about PiP in YouTube app?

Unfortunately, PiP isn’t automatically enabled on third-party apps like YouTube. It’s up to individual third-party apps like YouTube to follow suit. And if for some reason Google won’t update their official YouTube app and bring support for PiP, then, here’s a neat trick to do Picture-in-Picture in YouTube app.

What you need:

  • Shortcuts iOS app installed
  • A copy of YouTube App PiP Opener by Nangu

Using Shortcuts to Enable PiP on YouTube iOS App

  1. First off, add YouTube App PiP Opener shortcut and ensure it’s shown in Share Sheet (this is a one-time setup)

    ios 14 youtube app picture in picture

  2. Ensure you allow custom shortcuts to be ran. Go to your device’s Settings > Shortcuts and enable Allow Untrusted Shortcuts
  3. Launch YouTube app. Play whatever video you want.
  4. While video is playing, hit Share icon. This should bring iOS’s Share Sheet.

  5. Tap on YouTube App PiP Opener. It should launch and transfer video playback to Safari.
  6. Just go fullscreen and tap the PiP icon. You’re done.

See, we’re exploiting Shortcuts’ app to view YouTube videos in PiP mode. Not the most elegant solution but it’s a nice workaround while waiting for YouTube’s turn to finally bring Picture-in-Picture to its official iOS app.

How To: Watch YouTube, Netflix on Sticky, Floating Window While Keeping Other Apps Opened

How To: Use iOS 14 Picture-in-Picture on YouTube App (No Jailbreak)

YouTube, without a doubt, is everyone’s choice when it comes to entertainment and general info. With thousands of fun and informative videos being uploaded by the minute, it’s not uncommon for anyone to generate content out of existing YouTube videos.

How To: Watch Rated-R, 18+ Videos On YouTube Without Logging In or Signing Up

Teachers for instance can use copyright-free videos from YouTube to come up with supplemental video for their pupils. They can grab multiple, existing YouTube videos and do a bit of editing to produce a new video resource. Or if you’re a casual YouTuber like me, you may want to crop a YouTube video and get your favourite part to share as a meme.

Whatever the motivation is, trimming and making YouTube videos shorter doesn’t really have to be complicated. Truth is, there are free, online YouTube video editors that let you do basic trimming and cropping by simply pasting YouTube URLs.

5 Best Online Apps To Crop, Trim YouTube Videos

  1. YT Cutter
    This ad-supported web app lets you extract favourite scenes from YouTube videos. Using the app is pretty much straight-forward. All you need to do is to paste a YouTube link and specify start and end time parameter. Once done, you have the option to download the cropped video, audio or GIF.

  2. Kapwing Video Trimmer
    Kapwing’s Video Trimmer makes cutting YouTube video a breeze. The service offers the same video cropping capability but with a much nicer interface. After pasting YouTube video URL to crop, you can adjust which parts of YouTube videos to trim using easy-to-use, timestamp slider.

  3. YouTube Trimmer
    Yet another free tool to trim, crop YouTube videos is Youtube Trimmer. The website may look simple but it offers surprisingly fast and easy way to trim, crop favourite parts of your Youtube videos online. Just supply the YouTube video URL and specify the start and end times for the crop.
  4. YT Cropper
    And if for some reason you’re running out of options to make a YouTube video shorter, you may check out YT Cropper. Just supply the URL and adjust the handles to crop. Once done, hit “Crop” and let YT Cropper generates a custom embed code for you. Unfortunately, YT Cropper won’t let you download the cropped video for offline use. Sucks.
  5. YT Videos Cutter by odownloader
    Yet another ad-supported YouTube trimmer which lets you cut YouTube videos in seconds. The good: it gives you the option to download either audio only or full video. And you have the option to select .webm and .mp4 formats. The bad: lots of ads.

How To: Watch YouTube, Netflix on Sticky, Floating Window While Keeping Other Apps Opened

There you go! If there are other YouTube video editing apps out there that deserve a mention on this blog, just get in touch.

Top 5 Online Services to Trim, Cut YouTube Videos for FREE

There's no way to protest that beauty regimen tutorials and makeup reviews are increasingly becoming more popular content on YouTube. Ask any of your girlfriends who are into beauty fad and you'll immediately get a nod they get most of their makeup skills from YouTube.

Thanks to thousands of YouTube content creators who regularly feed viewers with tutorials and beauty products reviews for their millions of followers.

Now, in another Augmented Reality (AR) initiative from Google, the company seeks to give YouTubers a notch higher experience when watching makeup tutorials on its YouTube app. With the launch of AR Beauty Try-On, viewers can now virtually try on makeup within the YouTube app.

Here's How YouTube's AR Beauty Try-On Works

Once available, your iOS YouTube screen will be split into two: makeup tutorial actively playing at the top, a stream from your own front camera at the bottom. And right within that screen, a palate of colors (maybe a shade of lipstick) can be tapped and virtually applied to your own lips and you'll immediately see how it looks on your lips in real-time.

It's really one powerful feature that should help you as a consumer decide what to buy next.

How YouTube's AR Beauty Try-On Benefits Brands

Other than casual customers who turn to YouTube for beauty tips and reviews, there's another real winner here: brands. Brands including M·A·C Cosmetics can easily tap YouTube's pool of influencers and launch AR Beauty Try-On campaigns to promote their products to over two billion monthly viewers.

This Augmented Reality App Lets You Create Your Own Portal, Teleport to New Places (iOS)

Google says it already tested this new, immersive YouTube experience and revealed that 30 percent of viewers activated the AR experience in the YouTube iOS app, spending over 80 seconds on average trying on lipstick virtually.

Source: Google

YouTube Introduces AR Beauty Try-On, A Virtual Makeup Experience that Lets Viewers Try On Makeup Within YouTube App

Watch Rated-R, 18+ Videos On YouTube Without Logging In or Signing Up

YouTube may prevent you from playing certain videos because the contents might be inappropriate to you. You may be below the age of maturity to view the video so YouTube normally requires you to sign in or signup first before heading on.

Here's a sample message I got from YouTube when I tried watching this video:

This video or group may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as determined by the video uploader. To view this video or group, please verify that you are of the appropriate age by signing in or signing up. If you would instead prefer to avoid potentially inappropriate content, consider activating YouTube's Safety Mode.

How To: Watch YouTube, Netflix on Sticky, Floating Window While Keeping Other Apps Opened

For situations when you're in a hurry and you don't want to waste your time remembering and recovering your lost usernames or passwords, how can you skip and bypass through this age verification process and just play the video of your choice?

If the constant Sign In prompts of YouTube annoys you, here's a you can do so you can instantly play any YouTube video without having to login or signup.

Skip, Bypass Age Verification Process On YouTube - Watch 18+ Videos Without Signing In

  1. On the YouTube video you want to view, obtain the URL. For example:

  2. Now replace youtube with nsfwyoutube

  3. Now, head on to that link and you should be able to watch the video without logging in or being over 18.

Easiest Way To Play YouTube in the Background on iPhone, iPad + Auto Play While Keeping Other Apps Opened

You might also want to check out this nifty tip on how to bypass, remove country restriction on YouTube so you can watch blocked YouTube videos anywhere.

How To: Watch Rated-R, 18+ Videos On YouTube Without Logging In or Signing Up

Ever wanted to watch your favourite movies and TV shows on Netflix or YouTube while opening other work-related apps? Well now, you can continue to look busy and pretend working while enjoying your guilty pleasure movies on Netflix and YouTube.

Being able to dock YouTube or Netflix videos on a nice, overlay window that floats over other opened apps is one great feature Google Chrome and Firefox could introduce to its core. Sadly though, that picture-in-picture (PiP) feature is currently not supported in their recent version for both Windows and Mac. So we are all left in the dark, given the classic option of staying within the browser to continue watching your favorite stuff.

But, someone decided to change that.

A Chrome extension called Picture in Picture for YouTube & Other adds an unofficial PiP support for Chrome that works well with YouTube, Facebook and Netflix. Which means, you can pop out virtually any active playing video into a small, draggable mini-mode window that sits nicely on top of other opened apps.

Watch Netflix, YouTube in Foreground While Keeping Other Windows Opened

Picture in Picture for YouTube & Other promises to give you the best viewing experience (and distractions) on popular sites like YouTube, Netflix and Facebook. Essentially, it lets you watch Netflix or YouTube videos on overlay mini-window that floats over other opened windows.

Here's How to Watch Netflix In Floating, Resizable Windows

  1. Launch Google Chrome and install Picture in Picture for YouTube & Other. Installation should take no more than a minute. Once installed, you should see this icon:

  2. Now, go to Netflix or YouTube and play a video of interest.
  3. Once a video begins to load, click on that tiny PiP icon. Netflix or YouTube video player should automatically dock at the bottom right of your screen as an overlay. Feel free to drag or resize it.
  4. Now, head back to whatever it is you're working and continue juggling emails or pretend you're busy writing stuff, etc.

Get Instant Lyrics for Grooveshark, Spotify and YouTube Web Players with This Cool Add-on

The really nice thing about this Chrome add-on is that it continues to play your Netflix or YouTube videos in a nice resizable floating overlay even if you're opening other apps like office apps, CRMs, code editor, and just about anything. Just make sure the video is actively playing in a tab.

Here's me watching Polar on Netflix while opening my code editor.

Here's yours truly listening to TED Talks on YouTube

New Browser Extension "Turn Off The Lights" Gives YouTubers The Feel Like They're In A Cinema

Now feel free to share the good news below using social buttons below or subscribe via email to get notified for goodies like this in the future.

How To: Watch YouTube, Netflix on Sticky, Floating Window While Keeping Other Apps Opened

If you've been a long time user of WhatsApp for Android or iPhone, you probably have noticed that nice floating video player that pops up right within the app every time you click on a shared video from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Streamable. That feature is called Picture-in-Picture (PiP) launched back in December last year.

Now in what seems to be an attempt to inflate the amount of time you spend on WhatsApp, the same PiP feature is now available in WhatsApp Web. Which means you can now chat with your friends and watch shared videos from YouTube or Facebook WITHOUT leaving the app. Sweet.

New Chrome Add-on Lets You Watch YouTube Videos While You Search, Browse — Similar to YouTube Mobile App

The update comes from WhatsApp Web version 0.3.2041, which is expected to be followed by a few more enhancements later this year like dark mode, face recognition and more.

How to open shared YouTube/Facebook videos within WhatsApp Web

  1. Ensure you have the most recent version of WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp normally auto-downloads whatever updates available. If you think you're not getting the update, you may need to hard-refresh your browser or clear cache/cookies.
  2. Now, on your computer head to and follow on-screen instruction.

New Browser Extension "Turn Off The Lights" Gives YouTubers The Feel Like They're In A Cinema

Support for PiP for WhatsApp Web may not be a big update for some but it's a welcome addition to those heavy WhatsApp Web users.

WhatsApp Web Now Lets You Watch Shared YouTube, Facebook Videos Within the App

Few days ago, I ran into a problem trying to embed a 40-seconds video into a website.

The problem:

The short video was too large — about 80MB in size — which doesn't seem to justify the length of the video we need to upload. With that ridiculously large size, we cannot easily upload and make it publicly accessible in the website for some performance reasons (if you're a web guy, you get it).

Since video hosting services like Vimeo and YouTube were not an option at that point, we had to come up with ways on how to minify the video without compromising the quality before finally embedding it to the site. And thankfully, we found this awesome tool called Handbrake.

Optimize, Compress Video for up to 90% (Useful for Web Embeds)

Handbrake is one bad-ass video optimizing software that will surely save your day. It allows you to compress any videos of any format, thus significantly reducing the file size without losing quality. It's lightweight, free, and it just works like a charm.

Here's why everyone loves Handbrake:
  • Great video format support. You can compress any types of videos like .wmv – Windows Media Video File, .avi – Audio Video Interleave File, .m4v, .mov, etc.
  • It is Open Source. That means you don't have to spend a penny
  • It works on Windows, Mac and Linux so everyone can enjoy.

GistBox: The Best Place to Store, Organize Code Snippets and Pastes

Using Handbrake is pretty easy. First, you have to specify the Source video file, define Output settings as well as the Destination folder, then, hit Start. It's that easy. See the demo below (click to enlarge):

LICEcap Is The Best Alternative To Recordit To Screencast & Create High Quality GIFs

The result:

Look at that file reduction I got — from 80MB I was able to shrink it down to 7.6MB. That's 90% reduction!

Still not convinced? Download Handbrake for Windows or Handbrake for Mac and see it for yourself.

How To: Web-Optimize, Compress Videos Without Losing Quality (90% Reduction Guaranteed)

Last year, YouTube rolled out a massively popular update to their iOS and Android app which completely redefines every YouTuber's streaming experience. The revamped YouTube's mobile app gets a multi-tasking support which allows you to watch videos while you search and browse channels and playlists.

That was pretty useful, clever functionality which, unfortunately, YouTube's web app counterpart is currently deprived of.

Get Instant Lyrics for Grooveshark, Spotify and YouTube Web Players with This Cool Add-on

Now, if you heavily stream YouTube videos on your computer, you too can get the same multi-tasking treatment with this Chrome extension called Seek 'n Play.

Watch YouTube Videos and Search at the Same Time, Like On Your Mobile Phone (link)

Seek 'n Play is yet another useful Chrome extension that brings YouTube mobile's multi-tasking functionality to your desktop. With Seek 'n Play, you can search and browse for videos while you are watching another video, just like the mobile app.

How it works?

Every time you navigate to another video or you browse through another channels or playlists, the current playing video will be automatically positioned, fixed at the bottom of your screen so you can continue watching while you keep exploring YouTube . And that's a big user experience boost!

New Browser Extension Turn Off The Lights Gives YouTubers The Feel Like They're In A Cinema

Seek 'n Play is truly a great extension. It's lightweight, free, and it works great!

Download: Seek 'n Play or check out developer's website for more.

New Chrome Add-on Lets You Watch YouTube Videos While You Search, Browse — Similar to YouTube Mobile App

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have instant lyrics while viewing YouTube music videos?

It’s now possible with a browser extension called YouTube Instant Lyrics by Rob W. Aside from YouTube, it’s also good news for music streamers using Grooveshark and Spotify.

It works so simply. When you open a YouTube video page, the lyrics panel shows itself by adding a small screen. Since most YouTube music videos display accurate information about the song’s name and artist, this available data is used to directly request the lyrics from one of several sources. If not, a search is done based on the video title.

Automatically Search, Display Lyrics of the Current Song for Grooveshark, Spotify and YouTube

The added screen can be dragged, resized, toggled, or closed. Should no lyrics be found at any of the given sources, a link to Google will be given instead. A search box is provided for those who want to search for lyrics for a different song.

(A draggable & resizable panel with lyrics next to a YouTube music video)

On Spotify and Grooveshark, lyrics are searched and displayed when a new song is played. Aside from Google, the Bing search engine is sometimes used to look up the correct URL.

Top 5 Best Pandora, Spotify Alternatives For Streaming Music Online

The YouTube Instant Lyrics extension works well on browser platforms for Google Chrome extension and Firefox add-on. The extension also works for Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Sources for the lyrics include popular sites such as,,,,,,, and

DOWNLOAD: YouTube Instant Lyrics for Chrome or Firefox

Ves Kanlapan

About the author:

Ves is a writer by passion who is constantly on the lookout for the coolest thing in the web — be they about freeware and web apps. He loves to write about tools that help him simplify the daily rigors of life.

Get Instant Lyrics for Grooveshark, Spotify and YouTube Web Players with This Cool Add-on

Soundslice is a web app for those people who seriously want to learn how to play the guitar without learning to read notes.

Many guitar players today, especially those still in the learning process, cannot read sheet music. They learn by using available guitar tabs or transcribing the music themselves. Arrangements, solos, chord changes, and small licks are done by transcribing music using tabs.

How To: Create, Add Links To Already Uploaded Videos On YouTube

Transcribing music can be a weary process. Some write on sheets of paper, while those with a computer create a lame text-file tab. However, since the transcription is not recorded, when the player goes back to what was created, he has to play the original recording just to get the phrasing and sense of timing.

Unfortunately, in this age of great technological creations, no one seems to have figured out a way to playback a transcribed guitar tab file. Oh, sure, there’s Guitar Pro, except it plays back in lousy MIDI format that cannot play the actual guitar sounds.

Mozilla's Popcorn Maker Lets You Enhance, Recreate Existing Videos from YouTube, Vimeo

Now, many musicians doing transcribing and tablature often wonder in this age of the Mars Rover why no one has found time for computers and the web to mate and produce an online collaboration for a web application for guitar players.

Just recently, Adrian Holovaty and PJ Macklin, programmer and designer respectively, and both guitar players, created Soundslice. This web app allows you to sign up for free, loop, and annotate guitar videos from YouTube.

Soundslice is not hard to use:

1 You just need to create an account with YouTube that allows you to annotate, create tracks, locate licks, make chord charts and tabs, and be able to slow down the video while annotating and looping.

2 Go to SoundSlice and add a track using the "+" button on the lower left side.

3 Select a part of the video using the timeline and click the "Annotate" button that shows up when you hit the "a" on the keyboard.

4 Keep repeating the process until you complete the synced collection of annotations.

5 If you get lost over something, just click the “Help” button on the upper right side for more interface details. You can even create using keyboard shortcuts.

Link: SoundSlice

SoundSlice Teaches You How to Play Guitar Fast By Syncing Guitar Tabs With Video

Previously on this blog we have talked about Loudlee, yet another YouTube-powered web service that provides a whole new option to discover and listen to your favorite music online. Loudlee works by allowing you to search existing playlists on YouTube, and play them on a custom Loudlee player.

Loudlee is already impressive. But here's the problem: you've got to add tracks by batch, and there's no way for you to save your custom playlist, which apparently is a kind of trouble when you decide to leave the site.

Download YouTube Video As Audio MP3 (No Software Needed)

Thankfully, there's such a good new web app called VeedList that seemed to fill the void of Loudlee.

VeedList: Make Your Own Custom YouTube Playlist (link)

VeedList is a free web service that provides you the quickest and the easiest way to create a custom playlist from your favorite videos on YouTube. As with LoudLee, VeedList harnesses the power of YouTube so users can better personalize their YouTube video streaming experience.

With the custom YouTube Player you can start buffering your next video, edit the start and end time of your videos and popout the player on your second screen or your TV. Invite friends, add them as contributors and make collaborative playlists.

Top 5 Best Pandora, Spotify Alternatives For Streaming Music Online

You will receive a notification for every video they add to your custom playlist. Also with the VeedList explorer you can search for playlists made by other users, watch them and share them on your favorite social network.

So, go check it out!

YouTube-Powered VeedList Lets You Create Custom YouTube Playlists

So you have a good collection of videos on YouTube, and realized that a link must be added to every single video uploaded on YouTube (as part of your promotion effort) so users can quickly head over to your site right after or during video playback.

Well, there are a couple of ways on how to accomplish this. But of course, we won't go through the same old process of editing your video and upload it back to YouTube again.

Here, we're going to show you a simple workaround on how to add hyperlinks to already uploaded videos on YouTube. Without even logging in to your YouTube account, you'll be able to add a tiny button or link to already uploaded videos on YouTube.

LinkedTube: Add Links To Already Uploaded YouTube Video Without Logging In

LinkedTube is the way to go when it comes to embedding links to already uploaded videos on YouTube. With LinkedTube, you can add links and sharing options within the video, thus, transforming any YouTube video into a useful viral promotion tool.

LinkedTube is straightforward to use. As you can see in the screenshot above, you only need to specify the YouTube Video ID, button text, URL, hover text and title. Then, hit "Save & Get Code " to get the embed code. It's that easy!

Here's a video from the awesome Piano guys:

<a href="">LinkedTube</a>

How To: Create, Add Links To Already Uploaded Videos On YouTube

If you're a regular on YouTube, you should have seen that annoying clutters like advertisements, comments, sponsored and related videos sections on YouTube. While these YouTube elements are supposedly helpful at times, they're actually a kind of distractions for some. Remember that our eyes can only handle one at a time, beyond that drives our concentration away.

Hate The Long Intro On YouTube? Jump To Specific Seconds, Minutes While Playing YouTube Videos

Thankfully, there is such a good browser extension called "Turn Off The Lights" that seeks to give YouTube users the cinematic experience by fading the page background to dark, thus making the YouTube video to stand out.

Give YouTube Videos A Cinematic Look With "Turn Off The Lights"

"Turn Off The Lights" is a free Chrome and Firefox extension that promised to remove unnecessary distractions when watching a YouTube video online. With just a click of a button, the entire web page will be fading out to dark, except for the view port of the YouTube video you're watching. Clicking again the button resets the page back to normal. Lets You Download Audio MP3s Directly From YouTube Video

Getting started is a snap. Just download and install Turn Off The Lights for Google Chrome HERE or install the Firefox version HERE. Once installed, a lamp icon should be visible next to your address bar. As seen below:

Now, while on YouTube, clicking on it will increase page's opacity, thus allowing you to focus only to the video you're watching.

Download Specific Parts, Portions Of Any YouTube Video

Users also have the option to change the black opacity to 100% or less — useful when you want the page to appear almost black. Just right click on the lamp icon, and click "option". If you want to automatically turn the lights off when playing a video, you can do that as well. Just enable the option "autoplay" in my option page.

For more of our YouTube goodies, head over HERE.

New Browser Extension "Turn Off The Lights" Gives YouTubers The Feel Like They're In A Cinema

You're in the middle of a video clip on YouTube and all of the sudden you realize that you need to get off your chair, shut down your PC for some important appointment. Now, how can you find your way back to where you were with the video clip you just watched?

While you can always navigate back to the video where you last left off by simply searching through YouTube again, now a brand new web service called Pause for Later seeks to eliminate that pesky process of clicking and searching through your favorite YouTube video again.

Pause for Later: The Easiest Way To Pause Videos For Watching Later [link]

Pause for Later is a handy browser extension that helps you point back to the last minutes and seconds of any YouTube video you watched but got interrupted for whatever reason. This add-on marks your spot in YouTube videos so you can anytime resume and watch them at the best of your comfort.
With Pause for Later you don't have to bookmark that long video presentation on YouTube nor search it again. All you have to do is to hit the pause button that sits next to your bookmarklet in the address bar.

Watch YouTube Videos Not Available In Your Country

Here's how to get started:

Step 1 Sign up for a free account HERE. All paused items get saved on their website so you can resume any one of them anytime, anywhere.

Step 2 Install the Pause for Later extension with the browser of your choice. For Chrome, get it HERE. For Firefox, get it HERE. Pause for Later is also available to Opera and Safari. Just head over to their Install page.

How To Watch YouTube Videos At Specific Minutes or Seconds 

Now, when you need to pause a YouTube video, you just need click the newly added pause button instead of the actual YouTube pause control.

Clicking on that Pause button should take you to the Pause for Later website, where you can view all your paused items and with a single click, resume any one of them.

The Action button (in green) brings you an option to restart the video from the beginning, mark it as unwatched, copy the link to your clipboard, and more.

Download Specific Parts, Portions of any YouTube Video

Pause for Later is one of the many handy add-on that makes YouTube streaming less of a hassle. Go and check it out.

For more of our YouTube tricks and goodies, visit HERE.

Pause For Later: Lets You Resume Your Interrupted Video Streaming On YouTube

We always love to talk about something cool and awesome in the web. And one of those top-notch web services I just discovered that truly deserves a mention on this blog is: Loudlee.

Loudlee (link) is a brand new music service created by Guy Elharar and Yaron Revah. This Israel-based website harnesses the power of YouTube that gives users a whole new option to discover and listen to their favorite music online. Loudlee is like Pinterest, but for music.

How does Loudlee work?

Loudlee comes with intuitively neat interface, making it easy to use. All you need is a Facebook account, and do a one-time registration using that account. After linking your Facebook account, Loudlee should bring a page which features most recent artists/albums other Loudlee users are tuning to. Here you can hover/navigate through the albums being featured and hit "Play" or "Add".

New Android App Lets You Sniff Internet Session, Hack Facebook Account

Clicking on "Play" button should bring a nifty music player that sits at the right side of the screen, which displays the video of the current song. You may also "Add" tracks to your current playlist from other albums, making your online music experience truly more personal.

Create A Visually Engaging, Rich Media Presentation With Prezi

You can also dive right in and search for songs, artists or album of your choice. You may also listen to an entire album at a time, play specific songs, or even any given artist’s most popular songs. Music will continue to play in the background as you navigate through other websites.

Find Who Deleted, Removed You As Friend On Facebook

The only downside for Loudlee I think is that you cannot save your playlist, but I believe this is an upcoming feature.
Spotify or Pandora not available in your country? Give Loudlee a try! 

YouTube-Powered LoudLee Lets You Create Personalized Online Radio, Listen To Music Online

Ever wondered how to resume your interrupted video upload on YouTube?

Slow internet connection, system's failure and power interruption are three major reasons of failed video uploads on YouTube. And sure you don't want to start the upload all over again on YouTube, yes?

Learn How To Load YouTube Video Fast

Good news is YouTube has just revamped its video uploading facility which now supports resumable video uploads of up to 15 minutes in length. Starting today, YouTube will automatically jump back to the point where your video upload was last interrupted. This truly is a great news especially for people who upload YouTube videos from a shared network or in an open wi-fi where internet connection can be terribly slow.

For this resumable video upload of YouTube to work, your video should no more than 15 minutes in length. You may also need to switch to advanced browser such as Firefox 4 or higher, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer for this video resumption to work.

YouTube Now Supports Resumable Video Uploads

The problem: you have uploaded a very long video presentation on YouTube and all of a sudden you discovered that something's wrong with the audio or the video doesn't have a music background at all.

This happened to me one time, and the process of replicating those defective videos was truly tiresome. I had to download the video from my YouTube account, do the audio modification and finally re-upload the video back to YouTube.

Download Portions, Specific Parts Of Any YouTube Video

Such long frustrating process is not only a waste of time but sure can be a good ground why YouTube may ban you anytime from using the service. Remember that YouTube discourage you to upload same copy of videos -- that's a spam. So, how can you change or replace the audio background of YouTube videos without having to download them?

Whether you're dealing with simple video tutorial or complex video walkthroughs, here is a smart way out on how to quickly change, replace the audio background of already uploaded video on YouTube.

AudioSwap Lets You Change Music Background Of Any YouTube Video On The Fly 

AudioSwap is a wonderful feature of YouTube that lets you change audio background of YouTube video on the fly. With AudioSwap, you don't need to download and edit the video on your computer, and upload same video all over again.
YouTube's AudioSwap allows users to automatically add music to their YouTube videos. Using our extensive list of songs, you can spice up your videos with songs from your favorite artists and we are adding more songs everyday.
Here’s how to change audio background of already uploaded video on YouTube:

CAUTION: Please note that your original Audiotrack will be completely replaced with the new sound track or background music. It would be better if you upload a sample video of shorter duration and first test YouTube’s Audioswap feature.

Step 1 Login to your YouTube Account, go to My Account > Videos. You should be able to see all uploaded videos presented as a list.

Step 2 Choose the video where you want to add the background music. Click “Edit” dropdown and choose “Audioswap”.

Step 3 Now you should be taken to the AudioSwap page where you can select the sound track for your video.

Step 4 Select your preferred track and optionally preview your video on the right pane before finally publishing it.

Learn How To Play Video Presentation On YouTube At Specific Minutes/Seconds.

It's that easy! Browse more YouTube tips and tricks here.

How To: Change, Replace Music Background Of Already Uploaded YouTube Video On The Fly

Ever wanted creating an animated video but had no idea how and where to start? Well, don't worry! This post will teach you how to turn your idea into an instant animated video in seconds. You don't really have to be an animator to create animated videos, with cool characters and settings plus cool scripts. Hopefully this post will give you a head start in creating a video and instantly upload it on YouTube.

I introduce you YouTube Create, a whole new exciting service of YouTube that allows you to create instant animated videos from scratch. This is a playground for people looking for fun, who wish to turn their crazy idea into a fully-animated video in just a matter of minutes. YouTube Create is a collection of easy to use and free video creation tools. Currently there 4 video animating tools you can freely use, as follows:

Create Professional-looking Catalogs, Journal, Newspapers, Magazines Online

GoAnimateGoAnimate is a fun and exciting app that lets you make animated videos, for free, in just 10 minutes, without having to draw. You can create your own cast of characters, instruct them what to do, how they should feel, and how they should deliver the script.

One True Media - One True Media is an easy to use, fast robust and powerful video editing tool. Just combine and clip video and photos, edit as little or as much as you want, create professional transitions, apply some effects, text, music and more. Refine further with advanced clipping and photo editing options or finish in just a few clicks, and then upload.

Stupeflix Video Maker - Stupeflix Video Maker allows you to tell a story with your digital content. Mix pictures, videos, maps, text, music and watch Stupeflix produce a stunning video in a few seconds. It's fast, easy, and free to try: you don't need to create an account, and videos are free up to 60 seconds.

Tip: Edit PSD, Photoshop Files Online 

Xtranormal Movie Maker  - Xtranormal allows you to turn anything you type into a fully-animated CG movie. Set up your scene, type in your script, and animate it instantly. Easily share something funny with friends, or create the next viral sensation. If you can type, you can make YouTube movies!

Let me just show you a sample video I made in 60 seconds using GoAnimate:

Creating a fully-animated video is really that easy. Just access YouTube Create website, pick any of those  tools, and let your creativity flow.

How To: Create Instant Animated YouTube Video From Scratch

YouTube is our ultimate venue for entertainment. They've got the largest collection of music videos, live performances, covers, movies, documentaries, tutorials - name them all. But as with many other web services out there, YouTube also poses restrictions to some of its users. YouTube may disallow you to view specific videos especially if you're underage or your country appears to be blocklisted.

If you get similar restrictions on YouTube and you needed to watch blocked YouTube videos, you can always bypass such restrictions and enjoy unlimited YouTube streaming just the way you want it. Follow this simple tip on how to remove YouTube restrictions and watch blocked YouTube videos anywhere in the world for free.

Load YouTube Fast - No Buffering

Watch Blocked/Restricted Video On YouTube

Update: TubeMirror is no longer working. Try installing Hola Unblocker for Chrome or Hola Unblocker for Firefox and that should do the trick!

I introduce you TubeMirror, a free web service designed to cater millions of people around the globe who suffer restrictive company, ISP, or national policy to view specific videos on YouTube. TubeMirror does not intend to compete with YouTube; it only allows users to view videos which cannot be accessed directly on YouTube because of such issues or restrictions.

TubeMirror is easy to use; just copy the original YouTube video URL and paste it to a textbox found at TubeMirror's website.

Never again will you miss the exclusive performances of your favorite artists. Just visit TubeMirror website should the YouTube video you wish to watch isn't available in your country.

Jump To Specific Seconds/Minutes While Playing YouTube Video

Do you know any other way how to bypass such YouTube restrictions? Any alternative way how to view, watch blocked videos on YouTube? Share them as comments below.

Download MP3 Directly From YouTube

How To: Bypass, Remove Restriction On YouTube - Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Anywhere

Ever wanted to skip the long introduction part of a video in YouTube? Do you want to jump at specific time rather than playing the entire video right from the start? Well, the guys behind YouTube just made it possible.

Tip: How to grab YouTube video as MP3

YouTube finally brings another exciting feature that lets its users to play YouTube video at specific time. There are several occassions when you need to quickly jump to a specific time in a YouTube video. For instance, you might just want to see the funniest part of a video, or the most important part of President Aquinos' speech. You might also just want the part when Prince William kisses his princess Kate, or when Lady Gaga sings the mid-part of her latest single. However you want it and however you need it, it's now possible!

Play YouTube Videos At Specific Time -- Minutes & Seconds

To play YouTube video at specific time, simply append #t=XmYs at the end of video URL, where X is for minutes and Y is for seconds. Here's a sample URL:

Notice the #t=00m56s. It is a start time parameter that instructs YouTube to skip the first 55 seconds and jump directly to the 56-seconds part of the video.

Tip: How to load YouTube fast

Playing YouTube video presentations at specific time is that easy. Just append the start time parameter at the end of video URL.

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How To: Play YouTube Videos At Specific Time