How To Load YouTube Videos Fast?

If you are an avid fan of YouTube, you should have surely experienced that slow moving video that get stuck and takes ages before it fully loads. This is the case especially if you’re in a shared or multi-users network, with slow internet connection and with limited bandwidth. Upgrading your data plan would surely be your instant remedy but upgrading to DSL or T1 connections always come at a price.
If you’re among those internet junkies who love YouTube but with slow internet connections at home, you shouldn’t be little too sad as I’m going to share you this simple technique on how you can speed up your online streaming with YouTube - really fast, no waiting, no buffer, only instant play!

Load YouTube Videos Fast with SpeedBit

SpeedBit is an incredible video accelerator designed to load YouTube videos fast. Once installed and integrated with your browser, SpeedBit automatically accelerates your web browser giving you smooth streaming experience with no pauses, buffers and extra interruptions.

How does SpeedBit perform the job? Simple. This free YouTube video accelerator speeds up your YouTube video streaming by performing simultaneous downloads from multiple download sources. So, YouTube videos especially the HD should significantly load fast with SpeedBit.

YouTube Feather – A Lite Version of YouTube

For a faster and buffer-free video streaming, YouTube has recently launched a lighter version of their website that lets users stream YouTube videos even at slow internet connections. YouTube Feather removes extra features available on YouTube regular site giving “a user experience that aims to keep things simple and videos loading and playing quickly”. Chrome’s dev tools test report says that there are noticeable improvements: the resources downloaded when you stream a video only have 52 KB on Feather, instead of 391 KB.

This lighter version of YouTube is now on its Beta phase and users can expect further enhancements for an improved streaming experience.

Take the full advantage of YouTube Feather and free video accelerator for YouTube - SpeedBit – today for faster YouTube streaming.

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