Free SMS Bomber Apps To Send Multiple SMS Text Messages All At Once

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel harassed because of a stranger who tirelessly sends you unsolicited text messages? Are you annoyed by a text scam that gets delivered on your inbox?

Nobody wants text scams, and so with spams. If you're constantly annoyed by this type of mobile activity, it's best to report them to telco commission. But before you do, let's teach these spammers a lesson first -- flood them off using FREE SMS Bomber apps!

How To Text Blast in iOS - This Shortcut Lets You SMS Bomb Any Number from iPhone

What is SMS Bomber and what does it do?

An SMS bomber application (also known as SMS flooder) is a special kind of software designed to automate the sending of SMS text messages to a specific number. With an SMS bombing app, you can stop anyone from spamming at you -- be they your friends who find joy in sending prank texts, or strangers who keep on forwarding unwanted SMS text messages.

FREE SMS Bomber Applications for the Android and Symbian

Below is a quick rundown of FREE SMS Bomber apps for the Android and Symbian. For the iPhone, check out this guide there's not such an app yet available that works outside the box (no more jailbreaking). But I will sure update the list as soon as I get a working SMS Bomber app for the iPhone.

UPDATE: This guide was created 10 years ago and some of the apps being featured below may no longer work and compatible with current Android devices. Download & install at your own risk!!

SMS Bomber for Android -  Mass Send SMS Text Messages To Multiple Contacts [link]

Never again will that stranger or anonymous friend send you nasty SMS text messages with this SMS bombing app for the Android: SMS Bomber. SMS Bomber is one of the most controversial Android apps in the Market that allows you to flood SMS text messages in no time.

Here's the notable features of SMS Bomber for Android:

  • Illimit number of text
  • Flood multiple contacts
  • Cancel button
  • No delay or periodically send
  • Remember last config
  • Easily select contacts

How To: Automatically Send SMS, Text Messages At Later Time

Start "bombing" a lot of SMS text messages here

pySMS - FREE SMS Bomber App for Nokia s60 Symbian [link]

pySMS is widely popular among Symbian users. pySMS is an ingenious SMS bombing app designed for s60v3 Nokia handsets that allows you to "flood" to any mobile number. pySMS is easy to use; just specify the quantity of SMS to be sent and then choose spammer's mobile number. You can then "bomb" that nasty marketing guy who keeps on sending spam text messages.

Best thing about it is that you can perform the flooding even if you're in the middle of the night soundly asleep. The only cons for this is that you can flood only one mobile number. pySMS is a Python app so you need to have a Python installed on your s60 device. Download SMS Flooder for Symbian HERE.

For the iPhone, you may want to check this nifty SMS Bomber iPhone tutorial from that should allow you to SMS Blast any phone numbers.

Automatically Reply To Incoming SMS Text Messages

There you have it! Free SMS bombing apps for the Android and Symbian. If you know any working SMS Bomber apps for the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry, or even Java, please leave them as comments below and I will sure update the list. Enjoy!

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