YouTube-Powered VeedList Lets You Create Custom YouTube Playlists

Previously on this blog we have talked about Loudlee, yet another YouTube-powered web service that provides a whole new option to discover and listen to your favorite music online. Loudlee works by allowing you to search existing playlists on YouTube, and play them on a custom Loudlee player.

Loudlee is already impressive. But here's the problem: you've got to add tracks by batch, and there's no way for you to save your custom playlist, which apparently is a kind of trouble when you decide to leave the site.

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Thankfully, there's such a good new web app called VeedList that seemed to fill the void of Loudlee.

VeedList: Make Your Own Custom YouTube Playlist (link)

VeedList is a free web service that provides you the quickest and the easiest way to create a custom playlist from your favorite videos on YouTube. As with LoudLee, VeedList harnesses the power of YouTube so users can better personalize their YouTube video streaming experience.

With the custom YouTube Player you can start buffering your next video, edit the start and end time of your videos and popout the player on your second screen or your TV. Invite friends, add them as contributors and make collaborative playlists.

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You will receive a notification for every video they add to your custom playlist. Also with the VeedList explorer you can search for playlists made by other users, watch them and share them on your favorite social network.

So, go check it out!

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