How To Download YouTube Video As Audio MP3

If you're looking for ways on how to rip, grab or download YouTube video as audio mp3, then, this post should be a great help. 
You can now escape all the hassles involved in turning YouTube videos into an instant mp3 with YouTubeToMP3 [link], another cool service that allows you to download, rip, or grab YouTube videos as MP3s all for free. Youtube to Mp3 uses advanced technology that converts YouTube videos on the fly into high-quality MP3s.

YouTubeToMP3 is relatively simple and fast. Just specify a valid YouTube video URL, optionally provide an email address (YouTubeToMP3 will send you a download link via email once conversion is done), specify audio quality, and hit convert to start the conversion process. 
In order to get the highest audio quality possible, I would advise you to choose the YouTube video with the highest quality video possible (HD). This is because the YouTubeToMP3 conversion will only turn out as good as the file you select to be converted. 

This free YouTube video (FLV) to MP3 online converter uses dedicated servers that makes conversion process extremely fast and easy. So no matter how big the YouTube FLV file is, will always get it done correctly and quickly for you.


YouTubetomp3 now prompts you to login before you can proceed with your second or subsequent downloads. In order to bypass this and make your download unlimited: just right-click anywhere in the page and select "View page source" (shortcut CTRL + U) and press "CTRL + F" and search for ".mp3". That exactly is the download link -- click on it.

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