Informatics CDO To Offer SEO Short Term Course

Informatics Computer Institute Cagayan de Oro (ICI-CDO) is now offering short term course about SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization -- a technique used to improve Search Engines Page Rank (SEPR).

SEO is getting much attention these days, and a lot of companies here and abroad are hiring SEO professionals to increase their sales.

Informatics SEO Course
The 30-hours SEO crash course of Informatics should cover the basics of SEO, and should later introduce you to advanced techniques used in SEO. Informatics' 30-hours SEO crash course costs only Php7,680.00, which should include training materials, CDs, and many other SEO resources.

Informatics Computer Institute must be the first school in Cagayan de Oro city to offer SEO course. And if you have nothing to do this summer and you want to earn some $$$ online, this short term SEO course of Informatics is ideally right for you.

You don't have to be a graduate of any four year course just to qualify in this course. The only requirement perhaps is you know a little about word processing and you know how to browse the net.

So hurry! They've got limited slots only! Email Ms. Jho here: [email protected].

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