How To Automatically Tweet Your Blog Post To Twitter

Just in case you didn’t know, you can automatically update your Twitter status every time you post a new blog entry on your weblog. That is, you don’t need to manually tweet your new blog post yourself as you can always automate the whole update process using this free twitter service – Twitterfeed. Twitterfeed is a free service that allows you to feed your blog post to Twitter. If you have a web blog and you’re tired of summarizing and posting your new blog post to Twitter, then, Twitterfeed is sure a must have application for you.

How Twitterfeed works?

Simple. Once you’ve performed the whole setup process, Twitterfeed automatically create a shortened URL of your blog post and send it to your Twitter account as an update. Here’s how you can automatically tweet your blog post to twitter using Twitterfeed.

Auto-tweet your blog post to Twitter with Twitterfeed:

Step 1 – Create your account on Twitterfeed - Registration is free and easy. Just provide your valid email address and a password. You can also use an open ID if you have.

Step 2 – Authenticate your Twitter account - Now, you need to authenticate your Twitter account – just provide a valid Twitter email/username with the corresponding password.

Step 3 - Add your blog feed - Now you need to provide a valid RSS URL for your blog. If you’re using Blogger, Wordpress or Typepad, this should be a whole lot simple process for you. Just go to your blog and look for a label or button “RSS” or “Atom”, you should be able to obtain your blog feed URL. If you’re offered with syndication options, go for “RSS 2.0” as Twitterfeed works best with RSS 2.0 technology. If you can’t seem figure out your blog feed URL, do a search or go to the help section of your blog provider.

Step 4 – Choose URL shortening company - The task of Twitterfeed is to automate the update process every time you post a new blog entry on your blog using shortened URL. Now you have the option to choose your preferred URL shortening service. Just specify the free URL shortening service of your choice and that’s it.

Step 5 - Specify how often Twitterfeed update your Twitter status - You also have the option to specify how frequent Twitterfeed should fetch your blog post and auto-tweet it to your Twitter account. You can instruct Twitterfeed to auto-tweet your blog post within 30 minutes from the time of post.

By following those steps, you should be able to see your blog posts auto-tweeted on your Twitter account every time you post a new blog entry on your weblog. (by Freddie S. Lore of

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