The Worsening Industry-Academic Collaboration in Northern Mindanao

There's something wrong going on right now between the IT industry and academic institutions in the region. And this worsening industry-academic collaboration needs immediate attention -- a reconstruction.

In Cagayan de Oro city alone, the large proportion of IT students graduated unprepared to the next battleground of survival for this reason: students are trained how to make a buko juice while the industry required them to be knowledgable in making pineapple juice.

The point is: students are trained so well in schools, but not to meet the growing needs of the industry.

CDO's Synctactics, Inc., the leading IT/web development company in the Philippines, is among those few who have recognized that. It's apparent that IT schools in Cagayan de Oro city are no longer producing top-notch young professionals with much-needed skillsets. I believe that this is a serious concern that needs to be remedied the soonest possible time.

ICT Cagayan de Oro needs to spearhead initiatives now to help both the academe and students see the larger picture. Those in the academic institutions and industry needs to come together and reconstruct its collaboration. Such collective effort must be pushed through in order to remedy this serious misalignment between universities and industry in the region.

IT professionals in Cagayan de Oro city is already diminishing in number while the demands continue to grow. It's high time now for CDO universities to redraft their IT courses or augment their training to meet industrys' standards. Timely and industry-driven IT courses are what Cagayan de Oro city needs now in order to support the booming IT needs of the city.

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