How To: Make Blogger, BlogSpot Website Mobile Friendly

Google has just made Blogger users happy again as they finally bring yet another cool, must-have feature that can spice up any existing Blogger-powered website. The new Blogger functionality is called mobile view for blogger (mobile site for blogspot), which can turn your existing blogspot site into an instant mobile site.

This most requested feature of blogger exactly does what MobilePress of WordPress does; phonify or make your website mobile-friendly. Millions of users are accessing the internet via phone every day, thus it does make sense to provide your on-the-go visitors an option to view your webpage in mobile mode (and another option to switch back to desktop/normal view).

This is another Blogger functionality that desperate Blogger users all over the globe are looking for. This mobile view version of Blogger is the answer of Google who must have been pressured by requests of many blogspot owners. And good thing is, you don't have to make necessary adjustments with your HTML codes as the process is just as easy as ticking the radio button and saving it! Here's how you can phonify, make your blogger, blogspot site mobile friendly:

Widget, Plugin To Make Blogger Site Mobile Friendly - The MobilePress version for Blogger (No Coding Needed)

1. Login to Blogger in Draft.
2. Go to your Dashboard -> Settings -> Email and Mobile.
3. Choose "Yes, On Mobile Devices, show the mobile version of my template."
4. Save.

Setting up Blogger mobile web template is really that easy!

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