YouTube-Powered LoudLee Lets You Create Personalized Online Radio, Listen To Music Online

We always love to talk about something cool and awesome in the web. And one of those top-notch web services I just discovered that truly deserves a mention on this blog is: Loudlee.

Loudlee (link) is a brand new music service created by Guy Elharar and Yaron Revah. This Israel-based website harnesses the power of YouTube that gives users a whole new option to discover and listen to their favorite music online. Loudlee is like Pinterest, but for music.

How does Loudlee work?

Loudlee comes with intuitively neat interface, making it easy to use. All you need is a Facebook account, and do a one-time registration using that account. After linking your Facebook account, Loudlee should bring a page which features most recent artists/albums other Loudlee users are tuning to. Here you can hover/navigate through the albums being featured and hit "Play" or "Add".

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Clicking on "Play" button should bring a nifty music player that sits at the right side of the screen, which displays the video of the current song. You may also "Add" tracks to your current playlist from other albums, making your online music experience truly more personal.

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You can also dive right in and search for songs, artists or album of your choice. You may also listen to an entire album at a time, play specific songs, or even any given artist’s most popular songs. Music will continue to play in the background as you navigate through other websites.

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The only downside for Loudlee I think is that you cannot save your playlist, but I believe this is an upcoming feature.
Spotify or Pandora not available in your country? Give Loudlee a try! 

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