How To: Change, Replace Music Background Of Already Uploaded YouTube Video On The Fly

The problem: you have uploaded a very long video presentation on YouTube and all of a sudden you discovered that something's wrong with the audio or the video doesn't have a music background at all.

This happened to me one time, and the process of replicating those defective videos was truly tiresome. I had to download the video from my YouTube account, do the audio modification and finally re-upload the video back to YouTube.

Download Portions, Specific Parts Of Any YouTube Video

Such long frustrating process is not only a waste of time but sure can be a good ground why YouTube may ban you anytime from using the service. Remember that YouTube discourage you to upload same copy of videos -- that's a spam. So, how can you change or replace the audio background of YouTube videos without having to download them?

Whether you're dealing with simple video tutorial or complex video walkthroughs, here is a smart way out on how to quickly change, replace the audio background of already uploaded video on YouTube.

AudioSwap Lets You Change Music Background Of Any YouTube Video On The Fly 

AudioSwap is a wonderful feature of YouTube that lets you change audio background of YouTube video on the fly. With AudioSwap, you don't need to download and edit the video on your computer, and upload same video all over again.
YouTube's AudioSwap allows users to automatically add music to their YouTube videos. Using our extensive list of songs, you can spice up your videos with songs from your favorite artists and we are adding more songs everyday.
Here’s how to change audio background of already uploaded video on YouTube:

CAUTION: Please note that your original Audiotrack will be completely replaced with the new sound track or background music. It would be better if you upload a sample video of shorter duration and first test YouTube’s Audioswap feature.

Step 1 Login to your YouTube Account, go to My Account > Videos. You should be able to see all uploaded videos presented as a list.

Step 2 Choose the video where you want to add the background music. Click “Edit” dropdown and choose “Audioswap”.

Step 3 Now you should be taken to the AudioSwap page where you can select the sound track for your video.

Step 4 Select your preferred track and optionally preview your video on the right pane before finally publishing it.

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