How To: Play YouTube Videos At Specific Time

Ever wanted to skip the long introduction part of a video in YouTube? Do you want to jump at specific time rather than playing the entire video right from the start? Well, the guys behind YouTube just made it possible.

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YouTube finally brings another exciting feature that lets its users to play YouTube video at specific time. There are several occassions when you need to quickly jump to a specific time in a YouTube video. For instance, you might just want to see the funniest part of a video, or the most important part of President Aquinos' speech. You might also just want the part when Prince William kisses his princess Kate, or when Lady Gaga sings the mid-part of her latest single. However you want it and however you need it, it's now possible!

Play YouTube Videos At Specific Time -- Minutes & Seconds

To play YouTube video at specific time, simply append #t=XmYs at the end of video URL, where X is for minutes and Y is for seconds. Here's a sample URL:

Notice the #t=00m56s. It is a start time parameter that instructs YouTube to skip the first 55 seconds and jump directly to the 56-seconds part of the video.

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Playing YouTube video presentations at specific time is that easy. Just append the start time parameter at the end of video URL.

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