How To: Play, Stream All Music Files, MP3 Saved From Your DropBox

Ever wondered how to play all your audio files on your DropBox without having to download them?

DropBox is a great tool that lets you sync, backup and access files across multiple computers anytime, anywhere. But despite that seamless data portability DropBox provides, it lacks of functionality where users can instantly play entire music folder within DropBox web interface.

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Thankfully, DropBox provides a library/API that allows developers to extend the native capability of DropBox. And here I'm going to share the wonderful creation of John Mills that seeks to complement DropBox.

DropTunes is a must-have web application that lets you stream or listen to all your favorite tracks stored on your DropBox. No additional software or browser add-on needed -- just visit the site and enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere. Just a one-time login to the site (using your DropBox account) takes you to the nifty interface of DropTunes where you can navigate through your DropBox music folder and play them as a playlist.

DropTunes, as yet, may not be the best music player for DropBox but it's a good alternative to stream all music files saved on your DropBox. There's not such a web app that lets you listen to all your MP3 files straight from your DropBox, so I give DropTunes 4/5 rating for this.

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Good thing about DropTunes is that music streaming is incredibly fast; no extra buffers and nonsense. Downside is that no shuffle option when playing your tracks and you may need to disable syncing of the /Public/DropTunes/ folder from all your machines for best streaming experience.

Start listening to your favorite music directly from your DropBox HERE.

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