YouTube Now Supports Resumable Video Uploads

Ever wondered how to resume your interrupted video upload on YouTube?

Slow internet connection, system's failure and power interruption are three major reasons of failed video uploads on YouTube. And sure you don't want to start the upload all over again on YouTube, yes?

Learn How To Load YouTube Video Fast

Good news is YouTube has just revamped its video uploading facility which now supports resumable video uploads of up to 15 minutes in length. Starting today, YouTube will automatically jump back to the point where your video upload was last interrupted. This truly is a great news especially for people who upload YouTube videos from a shared network or in an open wi-fi where internet connection can be terribly slow.

For this resumable video upload of YouTube to work, your video should no more than 15 minutes in length. You may also need to switch to advanced browser such as Firefox 4 or higher, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer for this video resumption to work.

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