Scan File Before Download - Scan URL for Virus

How many times have you gone to situations when you needed to download a file but worried because of the credibility of the source site? How many times do you see links shared in your wall, email or in a forum only to find that it contains potentially unsafe stuff like virus, trojan, or worm? Sure, you've already installed a top-notch antivirus software, but adding one more line of defense is sure worth your effort to protect your PC.

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If you're ever unsure about the credibility of the file, software you're about to download in the internet, one best way is to scan the download link or URL first prior to download. This way you'll be able to protect yourself from malicious files which could jeopardize your system. Take advantage of the following free online scanning tools and websites that can analyze, determine whether the file is containing a virus through its URL or download links only.

Free Online Tool and Websites To Scan URL

VirusTotal - Scan, Analyze Files and URL For Worms, Trojans, Viruses [LINK]

VirusTotal is an award-winning online file and URL scanner developed by Hispasec Sistemas. This online link URL scanner analyzes suspicious files and URLs, enabling you to identify if the file you're about to download is safe and virus free. VirusTotal combines multiple antivirus engines which makes it easy to identify viruses, worms, or trojans based on the URL or direct download link you've provided.

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VirusTotal is easy to use; just click on "Submit a URL" tab, paste file URL on the textbox, and allow VirusTotal to scan and analyze your file. Start a safe download; scan file URL first prior to download!

GaryHood Online URL Virus Scanner - Scan Direct Download Links First Before Download [LINK]

GaryHood is another online virus scanner that can determine whether the file you're about to download is safe or not. This online file and URL scanner uses most advanced antivirus engines such as F-PROT, Avira AntiVir, BitDefender, AVG, and ClamAV, which makes it powerful to identify viruses, worms or trojans packed inside the file.

One notable feature of GaryHood online file/URL scanner is that it scans each file inside a zip file. The website is easy to use; just specify file URL or download link to scan and tick on "URL" as scan method. Check if file is safe for download here.

Dr.Web Link Checker - Check Links for Worms, Virus [LINK]

Dr. Web Link Checker is a free browser extension that works well in Opera, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This small add-on allows you to scan URL/links or to scan a file before you even download it. Since this link checker is an add-on, you just have to right-click any URL/download link to scan before you visit it or download it. Install Dr. Web LinkChecker add-on here. Enjoy!

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