How To: Split, Paginate Long Blog Post In WordPress, Blogger/Blogspot, and Tumblr

I received a tutorial request from my reader that asked me how to paginate or split a very long blog post in WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr. So here I’m going to show you a simple workaround on how to split that long blog posts into multiple pages in your WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr blog.

Split, Paginate Long Blog Posts In WordPress, Blogger and Tumbler

Splitter for WordPress - Splits Long Posts Into Pages

Splitting a long blog post into pages has never been this easier with Splitter. Splitter is a plugin for WordPress that splits your blog post into multiple pages by automatically adding ‘nextpage’ while maintaining the validity of your HTML. Paginating or splitting your blog post in WordPress with Splitter is very simple. Here’s how:

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Step 1 Install and activate Splitter for WordPress here. Or you can search for "Splitter" at WordPress plugin directory site.

Step 2 Once installed, you should see Splitter below your WordPress text editor (see screenshot below). There you can specify a maximum number of characters per page.

Splitting long blog posts in WordPress is really that easy! Here's the final look (of course, you can customize the pagination links/buttons):

Pages: 1 2 3

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