How To: Automatically Generate Thumbnails, Screenshots For Any Website

There might come a need when you want to dynamically generate screenshot of any existing website so here I’m bringing this another awesome WordPress Plugin that does exactly as what the title goes: auto generate thumbnails/screenshots of any existing website.

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This screen-grabbing tool for WordPress is especially useful when you want to display a preview of any given website by using only the URL. If you like how the Google Search Results Page works, sure you'll love this.

Alright, let’s get to the meat…

This incredibly useful WP Plugin I’m talking about is called BM Shots, a very lightweight add-on for WordPress that automates the creation of thumbnails/screenshots of any existing website. By simply specifying the URL and width, BM Shots automatically generates screenshots or thumbnails of any given website.

BM Shots: Auto-Generate Screenshots, Thumbnails Of Any Existing Website

Step 1 Download BM Shots for WordPress here.

Step 2 Install and activate the plugin.

Step 3 In your page or post content, add the following shortcode:

[browsershot url="" width="300"]

Just stick this in your post or page and the shortcode will automatically generate a thumbnail of the website you requested. If you are to display this in your custom page template, just call do_shortcode() function.

Step 4 You’re done!

This plugin was developed for use on, but thankfully they made it available for public for FREE. Enjoy!

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