Oro Starters To Launch ‘Something Awesome’ Facebook App

Going local, two programming buffs in Cagayan de Oro City is currently working on a new web app that seeks to make Facebook even more fun and engaging.

The new app, dubbed as CDOMostPopular, is an experimental app founded by Roland ‘Bangs’ Banguiran and DjaneRey ‘Zen’ Dela Riarte Mabelin. “The whole idea was conceived by Bangs. With him being particularly good at turning idea into gold, we decided to merge together and turn his idea into a real web app”, says Zen, the lead developer.

At its core, CDOMostPopular is a game of fame; whoever gets the most number of “likes” or “votes” will be declared as winner. "Every Kagayanon here and abroad can freely join, so long as they have an active Facebook account they can start voting and sending invites right away", added Zen.

CDOMostPopular is backed by Facebook Graph API, so no registration and profile updates needed back to the site. The site also promised ‘exciting’ features which can potentially take a serious bite out of Facebook traffic.

While it is unclear as yet just as how people should choose their bets, people are encouraged to choose and nominate those people who’ve done something extraordinary, those who have made us proud as Kagayanon – be it about in the field of music, fashion, sports, medicine, and community service, among others. And since it’s sort of like a contest, winners will receive ‘cool’ prizes from its sponsors.

The app is not yet ready for primetime, but it will be launched very soon. If realized, CDOMostPopular will be the first-of-its-kind app in the Philippines, if not to the whole world.

Sir Bangs is the man behind mycdojobs.com and mycdosale.com, two of the most visited websites in the Philippines while Zen seeks to help local businesses reach their customers by putting up cdobiz.com, the premier web business directory in Cagayan de Oro City.

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