Pause For Later: Lets You Resume Your Interrupted Video Streaming On YouTube

You're in the middle of a video clip on YouTube and all of the sudden you realize that you need to get off your chair, shut down your PC for some important appointment. Now, how can you find your way back to where you were with the video clip you just watched?

While you can always navigate back to the video where you last left off by simply searching through YouTube again, now a brand new web service called Pause for Later seeks to eliminate that pesky process of clicking and searching through your favorite YouTube video again.

Pause for Later: The Easiest Way To Pause Videos For Watching Later [link]

Pause for Later is a handy browser extension that helps you point back to the last minutes and seconds of any YouTube video you watched but got interrupted for whatever reason. This add-on marks your spot in YouTube videos so you can anytime resume and watch them at the best of your comfort.
With Pause for Later you don't have to bookmark that long video presentation on YouTube nor search it again. All you have to do is to hit the pause button that sits next to your bookmarklet in the address bar.

Watch YouTube Videos Not Available In Your Country

Here's how to get started:

Step 1 Sign up for a free account HERE. All paused items get saved on their website so you can resume any one of them anytime, anywhere.

Step 2 Install the Pause for Later extension with the browser of your choice. For Chrome, get it HERE. For Firefox, get it HERE. Pause for Later is also available to Opera and Safari. Just head over to their Install page.

How To Watch YouTube Videos At Specific Minutes or Seconds 

Now, when you need to pause a YouTube video, you just need click the newly added pause button instead of the actual YouTube pause control.

Clicking on that Pause button should take you to the Pause for Later website, where you can view all your paused items and with a single click, resume any one of them.

The Action button (in green) brings you an option to restart the video from the beginning, mark it as unwatched, copy the link to your clipboard, and more.

Download Specific Parts, Portions of any YouTube Video

Pause for Later is one of the many handy add-on that makes YouTube streaming less of a hassle. Go and check it out.

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