How To: Bypass, Remove Restriction On YouTube - Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Anywhere

YouTube is our ultimate venue for entertainment. They've got the largest collection of music videos, live performances, covers, movies, documentaries, tutorials - name them all. But as with many other web services out there, YouTube also poses restrictions to some of its users. YouTube may disallow you to view specific videos especially if you're underage or your country appears to be blocklisted.

If you get similar restrictions on YouTube and you needed to watch blocked YouTube videos, you can always bypass such restrictions and enjoy unlimited YouTube streaming just the way you want it. Follow this simple tip on how to remove YouTube restrictions and watch blocked YouTube videos anywhere in the world for free.

Load YouTube Fast - No Buffering

Watch Blocked/Restricted Video On YouTube

Update: TubeMirror is no longer working. Try installing Hola Unblocker for Chrome or Hola Unblocker for Firefox and that should do the trick!

I introduce you TubeMirror, a free web service designed to cater millions of people around the globe who suffer restrictive company, ISP, or national policy to view specific videos on YouTube. TubeMirror does not intend to compete with YouTube; it only allows users to view videos which cannot be accessed directly on YouTube because of such issues or restrictions.

TubeMirror is easy to use; just copy the original YouTube video URL and paste it to a textbox found at TubeMirror's website.

Never again will you miss the exclusive performances of your favorite artists. Just visit TubeMirror website should the YouTube video you wish to watch isn't available in your country.

Jump To Specific Seconds/Minutes While Playing YouTube Video

Do you know any other way how to bypass such YouTube restrictions? Any alternative way how to view, watch blocked videos on YouTube? Share them as comments below.

Download MP3 Directly From YouTube

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