How To: Monitor New Interesting Contents In The Web

Want to get instant alert for new and interesting contents in the web? Want to get insightful idea for your niche of business and generate more sales leads? Ever want to try new exciting promos and offers first before others do it? If yes, then, look no further as the web tool you're looking for is just around the corner.

Google Alerts is one of the least-explored yet powerful services of Google. When it was first introduced in early 2008, many people ignored it; a lot of people especially bloggers and online entrepreneurs failed to recognize the potential it brings both for blogging and marketing.

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So, what is Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is a web content monitoring and notification service of Google that automatically notifies you when new content from the web (e.g. blogs, video and/or discussion groups) matches a set of search terms of your interest.

How Google Alerts work?

Google Alerts asks you for a set of keywords of your interest. Google Alerts will then scan the web for relevant contents based on your query or topic of interest. And when one of your keywords matches with the latest articles, press release in the web, Google Alerts will then instantly notify you via email.

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Why use Google Alerts?

This web content detection service of Google comes in handy when you want to:
  • monitor a developing news story in the net
  • know what your business competitor is brewing
  • get instant news for your favorite celebrities
  • get instant notification for local events
  • keep tabs on your favorite sports teams
In my case, it was Google Alerts who made me try new and exciting offers and freebies in the internet such as free (trial) pc to mobile calls worldwide, exclusive access to premium sites, many others.

The exciting part about Google Alert other than being a powerful marketing tool is that you'll get more personalized updates and notifications in the goings-on in the world. Learn more about Google Alerts here.

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