Phone As Spy Camera - Turn Your Phone Into Remote Surveillance Camera With Motion Detection

Why purchase expensive surveillance cameras, motion detectors and alarm systems when you can just use your camera phone to monitor and protect your home/office in realtime?

In an attempt to demonstrate how smart and powerful your smartphone is, I'm going to share some of the most advanced and incredible mobile applications that convert your s60 Symbian, iPhone, and Android phone into an instant surveillance camera with full-featured motion detection and alarm system function.

Automatically Send SMS, Text Messages At Scheduled Date and Time

Think I'm talking about the most expensive sensor or accelerometer phones? That's a big no. As long as your phone's camera is in good condition you can instantly turn your phone as surveillance security camera that can perform certain SMS, call and internet function.

Surveillance, Motion Detection App for iPhone, Nokia Symbian, and Android

ImageSpy Motion Detection app for Nokia - A mobile app that can detect movements and raise alarms

ImageSpy is an innovative mobile app with full sensing and motion detect capability. Using only phone's builtin camera, it automatically notifies you when it detects movements. When motion is detected the ImageSpy can:
            • save the image
            • send the image as a MMS to predefine number
            • silently initiate a phone call to your number and listen what's going on in your home (or you can auto notify police department that your home is under attack)
            • send an SMS to preformatted number
            • play a loud siren or selected sound file to scare the burglar
ImageSpy is a must have application both for fun and security. It can be installed on any s60 Nokia device such as N70 (see full list of s60v1 and s60v2 devices). Download ImageSpy here. For s60v3 user, may want to check out SensyScan -- it works almost the same as ImageSpy.  Dowload SensyScan here.

Motion Detector Pro - A Surveillance, Motion Detection App for Android

Motion Detector Pro is a camera surveillance app for Android that uses native camera to detect irregularities and movements in the
surrounding area. If motion is detected, this Android app will send an email or an SMS/text message with a picture link to another cell phone, allowing you to remotely monitor an area using your Android phone.

Auto Reply All Incoming SMS, Text Messages

Motion Detector Pro costs only $0.99 and comes with better GUI and handset support as compared to its predecessor Motion Detector FREE version. Download Motion Detector Pro for Android here.

IP Camera - Turn Your iPhone, iPad into an instant IP Camera

This $1.99 remote surveillance app for iPhone takes a photo from your iPhone's camera every 12 to 15 seconds, then posts it automatically to a local Web server that can be accessed from other computers via web. Download and install IP Camera for iPhone at iTune App Store.

I hope I have just made every Symbian, iPhone and Android owner out there happy again! Extend the capability of your phone; install any of those motion detection app and see how smart your mobile camera phone is.

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