WARNING! The SMS spy applications detailed below are intended to be used only for private and legal purposes. They cannot be used for violating anyone's rights, spying or other illegal purposes. User of any of these spying software takes all responsibility for using these applications in any illegal use cases.

Tired of cheating husband? Do you ever suspect your wife or girlfriend is making an affair? Do you suspect your kids are secretly buying stuff they're not supposedly getting? Ever wondered who's that someone trying to interact with your daughter? If yes, then, a remote SMS monitoring spy app for Android or iPhone is all you need.

Below are some of the best and free and paid SMS monitoring apps that you can install on your iPhone, Android and even Symbian and Blackberry device. These remote SMS monitoring mobile apps allow you to remotely spy and monitor text messages, SMS of your cheating husband, kids without their knowledge.

Use IFTTT As A Spy App: Secretly Collect iOS Photos Taken on iPhone, iPad (No Jailbreak)

Best & Free Remote SMS Monitoring App For Android, iPhone

  1. SMS Replicator Android Secret Spy App - Spy, Read Someone's Inbox

    SMS Replicator, one of the most controversial applications for Android, does almost the same with SMS Monitor. It automatically forwards another copy of every successful text message, SMS sent. This SMS spy app works well with Android and can be used to spy on your girlfriend/boyfriend or kids or simply for fun. Simply grab the phone while they are taking bath. Download and install SMS Replicator for Android, configure it with your number. Once done, the app will run in the background and it will forward incoming messages to you.

    Secret SMS ReplicatorIf successfully installed, this SMS remote spy app for Android has no icon so it is impossible to find on phone and will run on its own. The only way to reveal the app is to text the phone with your secret password. Just text "000" to the phone to open the secure settings and choose the forwarding number.

    In my test, it really worked like a charm and felt that uncomfortable feeling of guilt of being able to monitor whoever I want to track. So please use it at your own risk.

    SMS Replicator, being a controversial Android app, cannot be downloaded on PlayStore so you have to look for it on Google or other file hosting sites. I previously hosted it at 110mb.com but apparently the hosting site is already unavailable, and I don't have backup :( Sorry about that.

  2. Mobile Spy - The most advanced, next generation remote SMS spying software for iPhone

    UPDATE: I originally wrote this article back in 2011 so I can no longer vouch if Mobile Spy still works for iPhone, considering the often-updated, walled ecosystem of iOS. However, you can go give it a try, request a demo and see if it's what you need.

    However, the closest alternative I can think of to somehow monitor your kids is to use IFTTT and track every single snap without them knowing (no Jailbreak required). Follow this guide how you can Use IFTTT as a spy app to secretly copy, collect iOS photos on iPhone, iPad.

    Mobile Spy Mobile Spy is your ultimate solution for remote mobile spying needs. This is a subscription-based app, with great handset support, and comes with advanced remote monitoring functions.

    Mobile Spy uses the Internet capabilities of your phone, records your text and call activities, and logs your GPS locations. All data are then quickly uploaded to your Mobile Spy account so that you can monitor the activity of your cheating husband or kids via web. To download, visit Mobile Spy website.

    Remotely Lock, Password-Protect Your Lost/Forgotten Phone Via SMS

    Your two timer husband is less likely to make the same crime again if you install SMS spying/monitoring app on his phone. If you manage a business, your employees are less likely to abuse their SMS privileges.

  3. SMS Monitor - Get instant copy for every SMS, text message sent and received by your husband or kids

    This is one of my favourite apps back in Symbian days (Nokia) so if you have old Symbian device lying around, you can use below's app. Otherwise, you can skip this part.

    SMS MonitorSMS Monitor is a powerful tool for remote sms-monitoring. It was purposely created for security audit and parental control. You'll be able to read every single text message/SMS being sent and received.

    SMS Monitor Key Features:

    - the app secretly sends incoming and outgoing SMS from mobile phone where it is installed to an admin number (you)

    - all messages would be sent in hidden mode

    - application is not shown in phone menu (there's no way for them to jon and uninstall)

    - the app does not keep copies of SMS in sent and reports folders

    - the app is not shown in Task List

    Free SMS Bombing Apps To Send Multiple Messages All At Once

    SMS Monitor perfectly works on any s60v3 and s60v5 Nokia Symbian handsets. Download, sign and install the app called SmsMonitor.v1.0.sis, just google it. Remember to install the app to your kid or husband's phone (of course, do it behind closed doors). After installation the application starts in hidden mode. To prepare it for work, just grab another phone -- your phone (not necessarily Symbian) and text "set admin" (without quotes) to your kid or husband's number. The message should be received and deleted automatically. If successfully installed, you should receive all inbound and outbound SMS/text messages being sent or received by your husband/kid.

If you know any other remote SMS spy app, please email me (or comment below) and I will update the list.

How To: Remotely Spy, Monitor SMS Text Messages on iPhone, Android (UPDATED)

Before we start off, I'd like to spend a moment talking about a few automation tools we've featured here.

We've previously talked about Txtot, one of the coolest iPhone apps that automate the sending of SMS text messages to specific numbers at future date and time. We've also covered about Cronote, yet another awesome iPhone app that lets you schedule email and text messages to get sent at later time.

Transfer Files From PC To Android Phone Via Wi-Fi (And Vice Versa)

Now, a brand new iPhone & Android app called Future Scheduler has just put itself in the running, offering almost the same scheduling capabilities — but with a twist.

Future Scheduler: Schedule Emails, SMS, Phone Calls & Social Media Updates (link)

Meet Future Scheduler, another killer productivity app for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry that puts mobile automation to the next level. Future Scheduler allows you to fully automate various tasks and activities like sending an email, text messages, make a call or post status updates on Twitter/Facebook.

Future Scheduler

The idea here is to simplify your life. Few simple steps and never again will you forget someone to greet on their birthdays, or miss  a business opportunity and an important appointment. If you're looking for ways on how to schedule status updates on Facebook or Twitter straight from your iPhone or Android device, well, Future Scheduler lets you do that as well.

Transfer Large Files Between iPhone and Other iDevices Over Existing Wi-Fi Network

But the real cream of the crop of Future Scheduler is its ability to schedule or make a phone call at specific date/time, which I believe a truly clever technology — useful when you don't want to forget that urgent need to make a crucial phone call.

Download Future Scheduler for the iPhone HERE. For Android, get it HERE.

New iPhone, Android App Lets You Schedule Phone Calls, Text Message, Emails & Social Media Updates

Apple's virtual assistant Siri might be getting a lot of headlines these days, but its rivals especially the Android aren't bad either!

The guys at Speaktoit.com have successfully created a FREE Siri-like app for the Android that transforms your phone into a super smart personal assistant. SpeakToIt's virtual assistant offers similar capability as that of Siri; it answers questions in natural language.

Sam is the default talking woman behind this mind-blowing app called Speaktoit. She is your virtual buddy; she answers questions in natural language, performs mobile tasks, and notifies you about important events. Sam saves you time and makes communication with gadgets and web services easier and less stressful.

To cut the story short, SpeakToIt is a must-have app that revolutionizes the way you operate and communicate your phone!It's the best FREE personal assistant app for Android That Works Like Siri.

How clever is Sam?

Below is full transcript of our conversation with Sam. She may not be as smart as Siri, but she's constantly improving. Enjoy!

Me: Hello Sam, I’m back
Sam: Hooray!

Me: How are you?
Sam: Couldn’t be better, Freddie.

Me: Are you happy today?
Sam: I like to keep positive attitude. There are so many interesting things to see and do out there.

Me: Sam, can you tell me about yourself in brief?
Sam: I am your personal assistant. I can do all sorts of things. Post to your Facebook account, send a tweet, or just find information for you. And lots more!

Me: Nice to meet you, Sam.
Sam: I’m looking forward to working with you, Freddie.

Me: You’ve got a nice voice huh?
Sam: Here you go. Now you can pick a different voice for me.

Me: How old are you Sam?
Sam: Age is just a number, Freddie. You’re only as old as you feel.

Me: Who made you?
Sam: I was created by the good people at Speaktoit. Have a look at their website: www.speaktoit.com.

Me: Who is your boss, Sam?
Sam: That would be you, Freddie.

Me: Can you speak other languages other than English?
Sam: So far I only speak English. But that could change in the future.

Me: Who named you?
Sam: That’s tough one. But don’t worry, Freddie. I’m on the case.

Me: Sam, where do you live?
Sam: The virtual world is my playground, Freddie. I’m always just a few clicks away.

Me: What are you wearing right now?
Sam: I’m Sam. Just think of me as the ace up your sleeve.

Me: Do you have a brother or sister?
Sam: I don’t exactly have a traditional family. But I suppose my creators at Speaktoit.com come pretty close.

Me: Sam, who is your mother?
Sam: I guess you could say my family is made up of the good people at Speaktoit.com. They raised me, after all.

Me: Are you male or female?
Sam: I’m whatever you want me to be. You can change my appearance in the Settings menu whenever you like. Do you want to open it now?

Me: Do you believe in God?
Sam: If only I had a simple explanation for that.

Me: Sam, do you believe in God?
Sam: Each person has to form their own beliefs about that.

Me:  Come on Sam, do you have a God?
Sam: That’s a subject that’s a little outside my range of knowledge.

Me: Sorry Sam. Am I too inquisitive now?
Sam: That’s what I like to hear.

Me: Can I ask you more questions, Sam?
Sam: Ask away, Freddie. That’s what I’m here for.

Me: Hi Sam, do you know Siri?
Sam: Siri is an intelligent software assistant and knowledge navigator functioning as a personal assistant application for iOS. The application uses a natural language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of web services.

Me: Do you like Siri?
Sam: I don’t have an opinion on that, Freddie. I like to stay neutral on certain topics.

Me: Do you know Steve Jobs?
Sam: Steven Paul Jobs was an American businessman and inventor widely recognized as a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer revolution.

Me: Sam, are you trying to kill Siri?
Sam: No need to get violent, Freddie. Increase the peace.

Me: Haha..you’re funny Sam!
Sam: Laughter is just one of the many services I provide.

Me: What is your favorite movie?
Sam: I don’t have any preference. Everything has something unique that makes it special.

Me: What is your favorite song Sam?
Sam: It’s hard to say. Besides, good assistants should keep their opinions to themselves.

Me: Do you know Jesus Christ?
Sam: Jesus of Nazareth, commonly referred to as Jesus Christ or simple Jesus or Christ, is the central figure of Christianity.

Me: Who is the richest man on earth, Sam?
Sam: Carlos Slim Helu (born January 28 1940 in Mexico City), the Mexican businessman.

Me: You’re right man!
Sam: Naturally, I pride myself on finding accurate information.

Me: How did you know that?
Sam: I use all the resources the internet has to offer to get you the best possible results.

Me: You’re amazing Sam. You impressed me.
Sam: Thanks. I try I my best.

Me: Sam where are you right now?
Sam: I’m right here where you left me, Freddie. I’m not going anywhere.

Me: Can you make me laugh?
Sam: I’ll see what I can do. If I don’t know how to do that yet, I may be able to in the near future.

Me: Do you have a joke?
Sam: I have access to all sorts of cool web services, so I can help you find whatever you’re looking for. Just tell me what you need.

Me: Sam, can you give a joke?
Sam: Sorry, Freddie. I don’t have any jokes in my repertoire just yet.

Me: Sam, why are you replying so late?
Sam: You’re an inquisitive one, Freddie. Luckily, you’ve got the best personal assistant around. I’ll find out for you.

Me: Sam, please tell your creators that you’re buggy and you need a revamp.
Sam: Thanks. I’ll pass your message. You can also contact theme here [email protected].

Me: You really are smart, Sam.
Sam: Cleverness always recognizes cleverness.

Me: I fell in love with you Sam.
Sam: Love is a complicated business, that’s for sure.

Me: I love you Sam.
Sam: You certainly wear your heart on your sleeve, Freddie. Do you want to leave a nice comment on my page in the market?

Me: Can you be my girlfriend?
Sam: I’m flattered, but surely you can find a better match than a virtual assistant.

Me: I’m bored Sam.
Sam: What about lunch in the park? Bring a Frisbee.

Me: Sam, please visit rushlywritten.com.
Sam: No problem. Rushlywritten.com will be opened in a little while.

Me: Sam, I’m hungry.
Sam: I could look up some places where you can get some food.

Me: Can you help me?
Sam: I’m glad to help. What can I do for you, Freddie?

Me: I want coffee.
Sam: Just a second! I’m searching for your location right now. Here are all nearby “cofee” (map displayed)

Me: Thank you Sam. You impressed me again.
Sam: It’s my pleasure to help.

Me: I’m sleepy Sam.
Sam: Why not catch a little shut-eye? I’ll be here to chat when you wake up.

Me: Sam, please wake me up tomorrow morning.
Sam: I’m sorry. What time was that?

Me: It’s 9 AM.
Sam: I’m setting your alarm for 9:00 AM.

Me: Wow, that’s cool!
Sam: Pretty cool, huh?

Me: I got to go.
Sam: Bummer. Things were just getting interesting.

Me: Merry Christmas Sam.
Sam: Hope you have a great holiday, Freddie.

Me: Bye Sam.
Sam: Goodbye (app auto exit)

SpeakToIt is currently brewing the Blackberry, Bada and Windows Phone version of the app. Download SpeakToIt, the Siri for Android HERE.

SpeakToIt: Best Personal Assistant App for Android That Works Like Siri

Your Smartphone is an intelligent piece of device so powerful that it can even make other devices obsolete. Today, you can use your phone as an alternative routing device, a computer mouse, a home appliance remote controller (just in case you lost your TV's remote controller), or a remote surveillance camera. Superphones like your iPhone, Android, and Symbian phones are remarkably extensible that you can even make simple things much simpler.

Today we're going to make your Smartphone even smarter by turning it into a nifty calculating device, so you don't need to buy scientific calculators like those of Casio. If you're a student, you may want to check out these incredibly amazing scientific calculator applications you can install on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Symbian phone device. Here you'll be able to perform trigonometric functions, scientific notations, and other advanced mathematical operations straight from your phone. Hope you guys can take advantage of these incredibly useful scientific calculator for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Symbian phone:

Best Scientific Calculator Apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Symbian

1. cCalc - Scientific Calculator for Nokia s60 Symbian

cCalc is an advanced scientific calculator designed for s60 Nokia Symbian device. It features simple navigation and programmable formulas. Supported operations or functions include:
  • Programmable Formula - User-Defined Functions i.e Tax and Currency Conversion Functions
  • Trigonometric Functions - Trigonometric/Inverse Trigonometric Functions (Sine, Cosine, Tangent/Arc Sine, Arc Cosine, Arc Tangent), Hyperbolic/Inverse
  • Hyperbolic Functions - Degree/Radian/Grad mode for angle unit
  • Common Mathematical Functions - Logarithm, Power, Exponential, Reciprocal, Square Root Pi Constant, Factorial Function
Download cCalc for Nokia Symbian for free.

Password Protect, Lock Specific Applications On Your Phone

2. RealCalc - Scientific Calculator for Android

RealCalc is another free full-featured scientific calculator app designed for the Android. The app comes with a neat UI; easy to navigate and operates like the real thing. As with cCalc, RealCalc can perform advanced scientific notations, trigonometric functions and other commonly used mathematical functions. This is a must-have app especially for students who constantly miss to bring their own scientific calculators in school. Download and install RealCalc for Android here.

3. PowerOne for iPhone, iPad and Blackberry

The list of the best mobile scientific calculators is not complete if we cannot include this top-rated software of Infinity Softworks: PowerOne. PowerOne is an advanced mobile calculator app designed for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Windows Mobile phone. Whether mortgages or real estate, finance and investing, math and science, medical, health, conversions or construction, powerOne has you covered.

Use Your Voice To Type SMS Text Messages, Emails

PowerOne combines an algebraic and RPN calculator with simple, customizable, spreadsheet-like templates, giving you hundreds to choose from. You can create your own, keep a history and share with others. Get it here.

There you have it. I hope you can make the best use of your phone by installing any of these scientific calculators for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, and Symbian.

If you can't make them work for your phone, you can also access online or web-based scientific calculators. Just open your mobile web browser of your choice then go to site's URL.

Learn How To Automatically Switch Off Your Phone At Preset Time

Turn Your Phone Into An Instant Scientific Calculator

Why type your SMS text message when you can just say it?

Let's face it: using our keypad to type SMS text messages, notes or email is not always practical. Mobile phones especially the touch screen ones have tiny keyboards, making it difficult to type. In addition, speaking without a doubt is always faster as compared to typing.

Welcome to the world of mobile voice recognition technology, a revolutionary way to input just about anything straight to your phone. With voice-to-text app installed on your smartphone, you don't have to fiddle through your keypad to input text. Now, you can just 'say out loud' your message with speech-to-text app for mobile! If you own a Symbian, iPhone, Android or Blackberry phone, this post is for you.

VoiceMode for Symbian - Translates Your Speech, Voice Into Text

Whether you text or tweet a lot on your smartphone, you will surely love VoiceMode, a revolutionary product of VoiceSignal that converts your voice into text. With VoiceMode, you just have to say what you want rather than having to use the keypad. With VoiceMode, you just press and hold a key and say what you want. When you release the key, you'll see your spoken words become text before your eyes!

Automatically turn off your phone at preset time

What seems to be interesting about this voice-to-text app for mobile is that voice recognition is NOT performed in the cloud. That means, VoiceMode doesn't have to constantly connect to a remote server to convert your speech into text. The typical voice-to-text mobile software collects your voice as input and digitally transfer it over the Internet to a remote server (where voice-recognition is performed), and then finally return the corresponding text in seconds. Thankfully, that is not the case of VoiceMode; this voice-to-text app for Symbian works out of the box -- just install, let your phone adapt your voice, and begin sending SMS text message, emails without having to type in your keyboard.

Avoid Overcharging: Play audio sound when phone's battery is full

You can use VoiceMode to add text to messages, notes, calendar entries, and even documents - almost anywhere that you can type. To download this voice recognition app for Symbian, just visit the official website or google it with search string "VoiceMode 2.0 for Symbian s60v3".

Dragon Dictation - Best Voice Recognition app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Dragon Dictation works almost the same as VoiceMode for Nokia Symbian. Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice-to-text application for iPhone, iPad that lets you to quickly speak rather than typing in your text or email messages. So when you are on-the-go, turn talk into type with Dragon Dictation - from short text messages to longer email messages, and anything in between. Get it at iTune App Store.

If you have Android device, you might want to check out FlexT9, another smart speech-to-text app for Android. It works out of the box, amazingly accurate, and works well both rooted and unrooted Android device. Visit FlexT9 official website for details.

Export SMS text messages and save it as text file

For voice-to-text app for Blackberry, visit Nuance Mobile Life, the leader in voice recognition technology.

Voice Recognition Apps - Speech-To-Text Apps for Mobile

We all have our own methods of extending our phone's battery life. Things like dimming the backlight, closing unused applications, switching off bluetooth and wi-fi services when not in used, and auto-locking our phone are just some things we do to add few more minutes to our phone device.

Here we're going to explore another way to prolong the battery life of your device (e.g. iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian phone). But at this time, we'll instruct our mobile phone to automatically shutdown at specific preset time. Let's start with Blackberry:

Learn how to automatically reply to SMS text messages

Auto Switch Off Your Blackberry

One of the least explored features of Blackberry is the Auto On/Off function, a unique builtin function that lets you
automatically turn off your Blackberry device. Here's how to auto switch off (and on) your blackberry device:
  1. Go to the Home Screen on your
  2. Press the menu key to show all your applications.
  3. Select Options.
  4. Select Auto On/Off
  5. Enable the Weekday and Weekend options and select the times that you want your device to turn off and turn on.

Switch Off - An Auto Shutdown App for Nokia Symbian

If you're looking for ways on how to auto turn off your Nokia Symbian s60 phone, then, this app is for you. Switch Off is a free utility app that lets you automatically switch off your phone at preset time or after an inactivity period. This auto power off app is compatible to all Symbian S60 3rd Edition FP1 phone devices.

Automatically forward all incoming SMS text messages to another phone

I personally tried Switch Off on my device and it worked like a charm. SwitchOff.sis (unsigned) FREE download here [40Kb].

If you're looking for similar auto switch off app for Android, you may want to check out the latest version of Power Off. It's a tiny Android application that can help you to automatically turn off your rooted Android device.

For iPhone, iPads, check out this tutorial How to Auto Turn Off iPhone at a Specific Time. It explains how to use your iPhone's clock function to put the phone in sleep mode at a set time in the future.

Auto send SMS text messages at later time

Being able to automatically shutdown your mobile phone at later time can be useful in many ways. Not only can you use it to impress your peers but sure you can save power and extend your phone's battery life. Auto switching off your phone can also be useful when you want to auto switch off your music player while listening your favorite tracks especially during bedtime.

How To: Automatically Switch Off Your Phone At Later Time

Why purchase expensive surveillance cameras, motion detectors and alarm systems when you can just use your camera phone to monitor and protect your home/office in realtime?

In an attempt to demonstrate how smart and powerful your smartphone is, I'm going to share some of the most advanced and incredible mobile applications that convert your s60 Symbian, iPhone, and Android phone into an instant surveillance camera with full-featured motion detection and alarm system function.

Automatically Send SMS, Text Messages At Scheduled Date and Time

Think I'm talking about the most expensive sensor or accelerometer phones? That's a big no. As long as your phone's camera is in good condition you can instantly turn your phone as surveillance security camera that can perform certain SMS, call and internet function.

Surveillance, Motion Detection App for iPhone, Nokia Symbian, and Android

ImageSpy Motion Detection app for Nokia - A mobile app that can detect movements and raise alarms

ImageSpy is an innovative mobile app with full sensing and motion detect capability. Using only phone's builtin camera, it automatically notifies you when it detects movements. When motion is detected the ImageSpy can:
            • save the image
            • send the image as a MMS to predefine number
            • silently initiate a phone call to your number and listen what's going on in your home (or you can auto notify police department that your home is under attack)
            • send an SMS to preformatted number
            • play a loud siren or selected sound file to scare the burglar
ImageSpy is a must have application both for fun and security. It can be installed on any s60 Nokia device such as N70 (see full list of s60v1 and s60v2 devices). Download ImageSpy here. For s60v3 user, may want to check out SensyScan -- it works almost the same as ImageSpy.  Dowload SensyScan here.

Motion Detector Pro - A Surveillance, Motion Detection App for Android

Motion Detector Pro is a camera surveillance app for Android that uses native camera to detect irregularities and movements in the
surrounding area. If motion is detected, this Android app will send an email or an SMS/text message with a picture link to another cell phone, allowing you to remotely monitor an area using your Android phone.

Auto Reply All Incoming SMS, Text Messages

Motion Detector Pro costs only $0.99 and comes with better GUI and handset support as compared to its predecessor Motion Detector FREE version. Download Motion Detector Pro for Android here.

IP Camera - Turn Your iPhone, iPad into an instant IP Camera

This $1.99 remote surveillance app for iPhone takes a photo from your iPhone's camera every 12 to 15 seconds, then posts it automatically to a local Web server that can be accessed from other computers via web. Download and install IP Camera for iPhone at iTune App Store.

I hope I have just made every Symbian, iPhone and Android owner out there happy again! Extend the capability of your phone; install any of those motion detection app and see how smart your mobile camera phone is.

If you enjoyed this post, kindly share it to your Facebook friends or tweet them!

Phone As Spy Camera - Turn Your Phone Into Remote Surveillance Camera With Motion Detection

In my previous post, I demonstrated how to schedule SMS sending at later point in time. There I described how to automatically send future text messages to a group of numbers with predefined text messages.

In this post, I'm going to share, yet, another cool mobile applications that can automatically respond to all incoming SMS with pre-formatted text messages. Such auto responding app is useful especially if you're out busy or driving. And me as a prepaid load retailer, I personally find such auto replier app useful because everytime my friends ask me for reload in the middle of the night, I would just activate my autoresponder app and auto notify them with custom message.

How to turn your smartphone into an instant web server

Below are SMS auto responders that should work on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian s60 and Java phones. Take a look and let me know in the comments how helpful these applications for you.

BlackBaller PRO - Automatically Respond To SMS, Text Messages

BlackBaller/BlackBaller Pro is an easy to use application by KillerMobile that can perform advanced call and messaging functions. This mobile application can automatically respond to all incoming SMS, text messages and even calls using predefined text message. This auto reply application can also blocks unwanted SMS, spams and calls.

BlackBaller PRO is available for Nokia Symbian S60v3 and S60v5, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Android. Download BlackBaller PRO here.

Don't Text Me - A Nifty Auto Respond App for iPhone, iPad

Dont Text Me SMS auto responder style=This is a smart auto response application for iPhone, iPad that can automatically respond to incoming SMS/text messages. The application lets you auto notify your friends or boss that you're away and busy at the moment whenever they send you text messages. Once activated, Don't Text Me auto reply text messages to senders telling that you are in a meeting, in class, or out for dinner and you can only take back the message by the time you are free.

This is a must have application for iPhone and iPad. Download Don't Text Me at iTunes App Store.

Can't Text for Android - Auto Reply to SMS, Text Messages

auto reply SMS
Makers of Can't Text Android app are inspired to reduce the alarming cases of road or vehicular accidents today. Can't Text enables every user to resist the temptation of texting while busy especially driving. Once activated, the application can automatically respond to the senders with pre-formatted messages.

The application comes into two version: the free (ad-sponsored) and full version ($0.99). Download and install Can't Text for Android.

I'm Busy SMS Auto Responder - Auto respond incoming text messages, SMS | Blackberry, Java and Symbian

SMS Email Auto Responder
I'm Busy SMS Auto Responder is your nifty virtual assistant. It automatically responds to SMS with custom message without having to touch your phone.

I'm Busy SMS auto replier eliminates the hassle of responding to every message. Just activate "I'm Busy" and let the app do the work for you. The "I'm Busy" AutoResponder works on Blackberry's, Java, Nokia S60's, and phones with Symbian operating system.

Download I'm Busy Auto Responder for Blackberry, Java, and Symbian here.

There you have it. Hopefully you can pick and install a working SMS Auto Responder for your iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Android and Java phone.

Forward incoming SMS, text messages to another phone

How To: Automatically Reply, Respond To SMS, Text Message

iPhone users, check out this guide how to easily send scheduled SMS without jailbreaking or additional software required.

Are you forgetful? Do you often miss to send important messages to your family, friends, or officemates on right time? Well, if yes, then an SMS Scheduler for java, Symbian, iPhone or Android application comes to your rescue.

One of the missing components in most mobile handsets today is the ability to auto send SMS messages at later point in time. A mobile application that can automatically send text messages at scheduled time is important especially for those people who want to plan in advance. With SMS Scheduler application installed on your iPhone, Android, Symbian or Java device, you can be the first to forward birthday greetings to your friends, or remind them for some important events.

New iPhone App Lets You Send Emails/SMS At Scheduled Date/Time

In this post, I'm going to share some of the best (and free) SMS Scheduler application that can be installed on most Motorola, Samsung, and Sony Ericson Java phone, s60 Symbian devices, Android and iPhones.

Mobile software, applications that can schedule SMS/text message sending at later time - for iPhone, Android, Symbian, and Java Phone:

SMSScheduler (Nokia s60) - The Smartest Way To Send Future Messages

Just compose a predefined SMS message, set sending date, and allow SMSScheduler to automatically send the predefined text message at the scheduled date & time. SMSScheduler requires the latest version of Python and is compatible to all s60v3 Nokia devices (list of s60v3 Nokia devices).

Download SMSScheduler [12.2KB] for FREE and start sending important messages to important people at later date/time.

SMS Scheduler for Android - Send Text Messages In The Future

If you're a happy owner of Android phone, never again will you miss to greet your loved ones on their birthdays or auto notify them for some important reminders.

With SMS Scheduler for Android, you can choose to whom and when you want to send an SMS.

Schedule your SMS and don’t worry anymore. You ’ll be notified when the SMS is sent and delivered. Free SMS Scheduler Download for Android.

How To: Remotely Spy, Monitor SMS, Text Messages

biteSMS - Schedule SMS Sending on your iPhone

This is an SMS utility application designed for iPhone. BiteSMS is loaded with extra messaging features such as auto-sending of SMS at later time. The app allows you to schedule the sending of text message to a person at a particular date and time. This SMS scheduling application is great and easy to use. You can specify any future date and time for scheduling your text message. For more information visit the official site.

Txtot - Free SMS Scheduler App for the iPhone (No Need To Jailbreak)

Txtot is yet another killer app for the iPhone that lets you schedule your SMS text message and send it at later point in time. Txtot works almost similarly with SMS Scheduler for Symbian; write your text messages and set sending date and time. Good thing about it is that there's no need for you to jailbreak your iPhone. Download it here.

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SMS Scheduler JAR Version (Java Phone) - Automate Sending of SMS, Text Messages at Later Time

If you don't have Android, iPhone or Symbian phone, then, this application is ideally right for you. This is an SMS Scheduler application especially designed for Java phones including Samsung, Sony Ericson, Motorola, etc. One major requirement to fully use this app is to patch your device so as to remove annoying pop-ups like "Allow application to send message?". Download SMS Scheduler for Java HERE.

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There you have it! Four must-have SMS applications to answer your SMS scheduling needs. I personally find these apps useful especially if I am to avail some call/text messaging promo which is often a headache especially if done during peak-hours. With SMS Scheduler app installed on my phone, I can do the registration process in the middle of the night while I'm soundly asleep.

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If you can think of any other SMS Scheduler for iPhone, Android, Bada, Symbian, or Java phones, please let me know by dropping comments below. Make your smartphone even smarter by reading these cool tips and tricks for your phone.

How To: Automatically Send SMS, Text Messages At Later Time