Voice Recognition Apps - Speech-To-Text Apps for Mobile

Why type your SMS text message when you can just say it?

Let's face it: using our keypad to type SMS text messages, notes or email is not always practical. Mobile phones especially the touch screen ones have tiny keyboards, making it difficult to type. In addition, speaking without a doubt is always faster as compared to typing.

Welcome to the world of mobile voice recognition technology, a revolutionary way to input just about anything straight to your phone. With voice-to-text app installed on your smartphone, you don't have to fiddle through your keypad to input text. Now, you can just 'say out loud' your message with speech-to-text app for mobile! If you own a Symbian, iPhone, Android or Blackberry phone, this post is for you.

VoiceMode for Symbian - Translates Your Speech, Voice Into Text

Whether you text or tweet a lot on your smartphone, you will surely love VoiceMode, a revolutionary product of VoiceSignal that converts your voice into text. With VoiceMode, you just have to say what you want rather than having to use the keypad. With VoiceMode, you just press and hold a key and say what you want. When you release the key, you'll see your spoken words become text before your eyes!

Automatically turn off your phone at preset time

What seems to be interesting about this voice-to-text app for mobile is that voice recognition is NOT performed in the cloud. That means, VoiceMode doesn't have to constantly connect to a remote server to convert your speech into text. The typical voice-to-text mobile software collects your voice as input and digitally transfer it over the Internet to a remote server (where voice-recognition is performed), and then finally return the corresponding text in seconds. Thankfully, that is not the case of VoiceMode; this voice-to-text app for Symbian works out of the box -- just install, let your phone adapt your voice, and begin sending SMS text message, emails without having to type in your keyboard.

Avoid Overcharging: Play audio sound when phone's battery is full

You can use VoiceMode to add text to messages, notes, calendar entries, and even documents - almost anywhere that you can type. To download this voice recognition app for Symbian, just visit the official website or google it with search string "VoiceMode 2.0 for Symbian s60v3".

Dragon Dictation - Best Voice Recognition app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Dragon Dictation works almost the same as VoiceMode for Nokia Symbian. Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice-to-text application for iPhone, iPad that lets you to quickly speak rather than typing in your text or email messages. So when you are on-the-go, turn talk into type with Dragon Dictation - from short text messages to longer email messages, and anything in between. Get it at iTune App Store.

If you have Android device, you might want to check out FlexT9, another smart speech-to-text app for Android. It works out of the box, amazingly accurate, and works well both rooted and unrooted Android device. Visit FlexT9 official website for details.

Export SMS text messages and save it as text file

For voice-to-text app for Blackberry, visit Nuance Mobile Life, the leader in voice recognition technology.

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