Get Notified When Someone Talks About You On The Internet

Once again, we have seen how embarrassing the internet can be when Weiner Twitpic scandal exploded on the internet this past few days. Nude Twitpic photos of US Senator Anthony Weiner have been feasted around the internet lately, stirring a lot of controversy and causing a lot career and family dishonor.

The case of Weiner lately is a simple demonstration that the web can be both useful and destructive in any way. A video of you on YouTube or a picture of you on Facebook can anytime bring both fame and infamy. Well, the internet is not really bad. It only becomes bad when someone tries to attack or discredit you over the internet by means of exposing your personal data, be they about your photos, videos or contact information.

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If you're too concerned about your privacy online, you might want to check out Me on the Web of Google. It's a free service of Google that lets you "understand and manage what people see when they search for you on Google". With Me on the Web, you can:
  • Get instant email alerts when someone publishes your personal information online -- say, your email address, home address or contact number
  • Get notified when someone publishes an embarrassing photo of you online, be it on Facebook or Twitter

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Here's how to get instant email alerts when your personal information appears on the web:

Step 1 - Sign in to your Google Dashboard.
Step 2 - In the 'Me on the Web' section, click Set up search alerts for your data.

Step 3 - Select the checkboxes beside the alerts (such as your name or email
address) you'd like to receive.
  • (Optional) Enter additional information (such as a home address) in the text field, then select the checkbox for that alert.
  • (Optional) Click Add another alert to create alerts for additional personal information.

Step 4 - In the 'How often' drop-down box, choose the alert frequency.

Step 5 - In the 'Deliver to' drop-down box, choose which email address your alerts should be sent to.

Step 6 - Click Save alert preferences.

It's that easy! Me on the Web is another cool service of Google ideally recommended for people who're too concerned about their identity online. If you party a lot, it is likely that one of your friends may upload photos of you 'drunk' on Facebook -- which could be a violation in your company! You would want to take advantage of Me on the Web especially that Facebook has turned on facial-recognition technology by default which provides tagging suggestions for pictures without informing its users.

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