Stop Facebook Spam - 5 Security Tips To Avoid Facebook Viruses

Social bookmarking giant Facebook was recently stormed by malware attacks. Facebook walls, chat box and even inbox were flooded with spam messages, links from unsuspecting friends. Worst part is, malware writers still able to penetrate and distribute such annoying spams and viruses throughout Facebook page.

So, how can we stop such malwares from further propagating throughout Facebook? Well the process is simple: curb your clicking habit, use common sense, and stop supporting such malicious activity by simply reporting it to the Facebook admin. Take a peek below on how you can do your part to stop viruses, malwares inside Facebook.

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Stop Facebook Viruses - 5 Tips To Avoid Facebook Spam Messages

Facebook Virus
Tip #1. Be careful with eye-catching or bizarre Facebook stories

Be cautious enough and think before you click anything on Facebook. Virus writers are smart organisms; they present their malwares in a form of catchy titles or links in order to grab your attention. Common attention-getters that you need to avoid include "funniest ever", "OMG", "most hilarious video ever", "you've got to see this", many others. You've got to report them immediately.

Tip #2: Never click on "See who views your profile" or "See your stalkers" links

Facebook has long stated that they never track page views on each profile account. Thus, it's above impossible for third party developers to come up with Facebook app that can generate profile views. Read Facebook Private Policy, it was clearly stipulated there.

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Tip #3: Study the source - see how your friend constructs his/her post

You should know or at least familiar with how your friends speak their minds over Facebook. If the status or wall post of your friend is unusually different from his/her normal tone, do not click on it.

Tip #4: Avoid clicking on links that have been posted by multiple users/friends

If you begin seeing lots of wall post from your friend with same eye-popping messages, better report it right away. Chance are it could be the notorious Facebook virus Koobface - the most popular spam virus in Facebook.

Tip #5. Be careful with chat messages from friends asking for funds

Money transfer scams unfortunately are also on Facebook, so you need to be wary over chat messages informing that your particular friend needs cash.

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Getting rid of Facebook spams is really that easy. Remember to always report spam applications on Facebook and avoid clicking on bizarre stories loaded with "magic words" -- for a cleaner and faster Facebook.

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