5 Interesting Facts and Myths About Mobile Phone

You might have already heard one of these mobile phone myths and stories. What your mobile phone can do and how it can harm you are popularly discussed in the web. But have you ever done a simple research if any of these cellular phone myths hold water?

This post sought to debunk common misconceptions and belief about your mobile phone.

Myth #1: Charging every day reduces phone's battery life.

This is only true to older phone models which use obsolete type of batteries (e.g. NiMH, NiCd). Most mobile phones nowadays use Li-Ion (Polymer) type of batteries, so you need not to undermine of charging your phone almost everyday.

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Myth #2: Using mobile phone in gasoline station can cause fire.

The current and electromagnetic field produced by your phone is little too weak to ignite fire. Thus, the belief that mobile phone can create fire is false. The warnings we used to see in gas station or user manuals are just suggestions in order to not to end up your day feeling sorry -- it's precautionary measure.

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Myth #3: You get an instant cell phone for free when you subscribe to postpaid products offered by your telco.

There are no free lunch in the world; there are costs. Before you even think of deciding for 1-2 years of contract, carefully read first every single detail about the contract and policy. There you'll see a bigger picture how amazing our network operators are especially when it comes to marketing.

Myth #4: Mobile phones may fry one's brain.

Your head is most likely to warm when you're talking to dumb people. The heat produced by mobile phones is too low -- no sufficient evidence can support the claim that cellular phones do fry one's brain.

Myth #5: Too much exposure of cellphone can cause infertility among men.

Calling all the attention of men out there who used to carry their phones in their pockets or belts: you are still as capable as a middle eastern stud! As of the now there's no hard scientific proof that mobile phone can reduce one's manhood.

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There you have it - 5 quick facts and myths about mobile phone. If you wish to debunk some more popular myths about cellphone, kindly share them as comments below.

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