Prevent Laptop Theft - Trigger An Alarm When Someone Moves Your Computer Mouse

A special kind of software that can automatically lock your computer when someone plugs a USB stick is cool. But what is much cooler is to know that you can now fire loud alarm when someone touches your computer or moves your mouse.

Finally, a nifty anti-theft application for laptop owners has just arrived! The software is called Laptop Alarm, a lightweight, smart security app that raises a loud alarm whenever someone tries to steal your laptop.

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Secure Your Laptop - Trigger An Alarm Computer Mouse Is Moved

Laptop Alarm triggers a loud alarm everytime your mouse is moved. Bad guys will surely be suprised by the loud alarm when they try to steal your confidential info, if not with your laptop.

Laptop Alarm rings a loud alarm when:
  • someone tries to log off or shut down your computer
  • laptop is disconnected from AC-power (someone pulls the AC adapter plug out)
  • when your USB mouse is pulled out or the mouse is moved!

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Laptop Alarm is very smart that it can even notify you via SMS when someone tries to manage or tamper your laptop. That's the new version of Laptop Alarm - with full-featured SMS functionality added.

Be the first to download Laptop Alarm among your friends and impress them with this revolutionary app for free! Download Laptop Alarm for Windows here. Enjoy!

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