How To: Create Contact Forms For WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.

A "contact us" form  that allows users to drop instant messages is crucially important for a website. Your web visitors can surely save time when they want to communicate with you as they don't need to access their individual email account.

This post will teach you how to create beautiful and spam-proof "contact us" form, which allow users to conveniently send inquiries thru email. You don't have to be a coder to implement this as the process is whole lot simple; auto-generate the contact us form script with a click of a button, optionally modify the code if you're comfy with JavaScript, and embed it anywhere in your website (e.g. Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, etc). Try these yourself:

Create Contact Us form - Let web visitors drop instant email messages

1. Kontakt - Clean, Simple, and Secure Contact Form [link]

Kontactr is an online one-click contact form service that allows webmasters, newbie bloggers to create instant  contact form so that visitors can contact you anytime without exposing your email address. It comes with captcha  to protect you from spammers and is customizable. Sign up for free Kontactr  account here and build your awesome Contact Us form for your blog.

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2. FoxyForm - Create contact form in seconds [link]

FoxyForm is another highly customizable, secure and free online contact form creator. Just choose HTML controls you wish to include (e.g. name, address, website, zip, etc) and specify email address where form data will be delivered. You can also specify which form fields must be filled. And best of all, you can  fine-tune its appearance to best suit your needs. I love the simplicity of FoxyForm service and you should give a try. Start creating contact us form script here and embed it to your website. 

3. Email Me Form - Create contact form, mailing list, surveys, guestbook, etc [link]

Email Me Form is another killer form builder especially designed for website owners and bloggers who hate codes. This online form creator lets you create awesome, jQuery-powered form in just a matter of seconds. The website comes with customizable form templates such as contact form, mailing list, newsletter subscription, guestbook, restaurant and customer satisfactory survey, registration forms, etc. And the best part about it is that it's free. Build your own contact form here.

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Move your blog to next level. Pick any of these FREE one-lick online contact form creator for your WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and virtually all types of blogs.

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