Spreaker: Create Live Internet Radio Show Straight From Your iPhone

Those who're not comfortable telling their thoughts in words may find this new iPhone app useful.

Spreaker is a revolutionary iPhone app that allows you to broadcast audio content LIVE from your iPhone device. Spreaker exactly does for audio what Twitter does for text and YouTube does for video.

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With Spreaker you can broadcast a live session immediately. But be careful, if you choose to broadcast a live session, it will be automatically posted on your Facebook and other social network accounts. You can also record audio which you can listen to and distribute later as a podcast. You can also edit your recordings, add sound effects, and background music through Spreaker's website.

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Spreaker comes with neat interface and clear areas where it can tell you how much time you have left, and how much time there is until the next commercial break. Spreaker handles all commercials, so this is a kind of app that will surely give you the feel of a real DJ!

Download Spreaker for FREE here.

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