New Browser Extension "Turn Off The Lights" Gives YouTubers The Feel Like They're In A Cinema

If you're a regular on YouTube, you should have seen that annoying clutters like advertisements, comments, sponsored and related videos sections on YouTube. While these YouTube elements are supposedly helpful at times, they're actually a kind of distractions for some. Remember that our eyes can only handle one at a time, beyond that drives our concentration away.

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Thankfully, there is such a good browser extension called "Turn Off The Lights" that seeks to give YouTube users the cinematic experience by fading the page background to dark, thus making the YouTube video to stand out.

Give YouTube Videos A Cinematic Look With "Turn Off The Lights"

"Turn Off The Lights" is a free Chrome and Firefox extension that promised to remove unnecessary distractions when watching a YouTube video online. With just a click of a button, the entire web page will be fading out to dark, except for the view port of the YouTube video you're watching. Clicking again the button resets the page back to normal. Lets You Download Audio MP3s Directly From YouTube Video

Getting started is a snap. Just download and install Turn Off The Lights for Google Chrome HERE or install the Firefox version HERE. Once installed, a lamp icon should be visible next to your address bar. As seen below:

Now, while on YouTube, clicking on it will increase page's opacity, thus allowing you to focus only to the video you're watching.

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Users also have the option to change the black opacity to 100% or less — useful when you want the page to appear almost black. Just right click on the lamp icon, and click "option". If you want to automatically turn the lights off when playing a video, you can do that as well. Just enable the option "autoplay" in my option page.

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