StillShot: Create High Quality Photos From Any Video On Your iPhone

With the growing list of new photography apps arriving to the App Store almost everyday, the challenge for most application developers today is still to bring something fresh and awesome to the pile each time.

Fresh as a daisy this time is the iPhone app of Macademia Apps called StillShot that promised to simplify the creation of photographs out of a video file.

If you ever had a need to create a high resolution images out of a video file on your iPhone — maybe you want to grab a photo of the golden moment in your life captured in video — well, then, StillShot got you covered.

Make A Photograph Out Of A Video With StillShot (iPhone)

StillShot is an ingenious iPhone that allows you to import any video file from your iPhone and transform that golden moments in the video into high resolution, still images. The creators of this app are the same guys behind the magical iPhone app GroupShot, one of the most downloaded app in the iTunes. StillShot costs you $0.99, but that is a price well worth paying if you're a person who takes a lot of videos.

StillShot is no-brainer to use. When you launch the app you should be greeted with the tiny "IMPORT FROM LIBRARY" button. Hitting that button should take you to your file library, allowing you to import a video file. Once video file is loaded, StillShot should analyze the frames one-by-one, allowing you to pick the ones you’d like to save. All done!

So if you're wondering about how to create a full resolution photo from any of your pre-recorded iPhone videos, then, grab this nifty app that does exactly like that!

Download StillShot for iPhone [iTunes link]

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