Get Answers To Life Biggest Questions From World's Brightest Minds

We already have Wikipedia, one of the most valuable wealth in the internet and HowStuffWorks, the ultimate venue for science buffs and curious creatures who never stop wondering just as how certain things in the world really work. Today, here's another web resource you might want to add in your loop:

The recently launched is the first-of-its-kind Q&A platform designed for people who never stop wondering and asking the biggest questions of life. What's cool about Curiosity is that you can post virtually all types of questions and get real answers from world's brightest minds.

Get notified when someone talks about you on the internet is participated by thought leaders, also known as Curiosity Luminaries, who never get out of answers to nearly all types of questions. The growing number of contributors/answerers includes NASA scientists, physicists, Nobel prize winners, MicroSoft execs, inventors, engineers, authors, CEOs, artists and health practitioners. The guys at Google, HowStuffWorks, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet are also there willing to give answers to the most fascinating questions of the curious mind.

"Curiosity is at the very heart of what it means to be human and we never stop wondering and asking the biggest questions of life,"

"At Discovery, we have been in the business of satisfying curiosity for more than 25 years, and this project is a natural extension of our mission. Through we have created a first-of-its-kind platform where you can answer the question and question the endlessly explore and raise our collective IQ."

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As of writing, there are about 12,000 questions posted at Curiosity, ranging from Paranormal Science to Nanotechnology, UFO sightings to the horror of Marco Polo's wife. Answers to fascinating questions are constantly growing and new questions are posted everyday. Here are some of the fascinating questions (as well as answers) from curious individuals that made me really busy the past few days: believes that if you don't ask, you don't get. Curiosity was created so that you'll emerge as wise, curious, aware and knowledgeable being.

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