How To: See Who Tweeted, Retweeted Your Website, Blog Post On Twitter

Ever wanted to know those people who visited your website and then tweeted your blogpost on Twitter? Do you want to track those users who're responsible for making your website or blog post viral on the internet?

This post will introduce you to another awesome online service that will let you identify those people who are tweeting about your website or blogpost on Twitter. Here you will know how your web content are shared and discussed on Twitter.

Know Who Is Tweeting About Your Website, Blog Posts On Twitter

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If you're looking for ways on how to find out those users who have tweeted your website/blog post on Twitter, you may want to try BackType, a social data analyzing company based in California, USA. One exciting part about BackType is that it can smartly return a list of names who have shared your blog post on Twitter in realtime.

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To start, just go to BackType, enter your blog URL (e.g. and hit "Search". BackType will then perform a reverse URL lookup for all the links shared on Twitter that point back to your website! And in seconds you should see a list of users who have tweeted your post on Twitter. You can also perform Twitter search for your specific blog post or page instead of the mainpage; just enter the blogpost URL and hit search.

The best thing about BackType is that it scans all the recent links posted on Twitter and shows you the results regardless of widgets, URL shorteners or plugins being used by the sharer. The free version of BackType requires no registration or signups, however signing up for the premium service of BackType enables you to enjoy much advanced controls such as Google Analytics integration, Twitter reach, detaile statistics, advanced search and more.

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Similar online tool you may want to try for free is, a young web catalog service that accumulates data related to websites. It also scans and returns recent links shared on Twitter with links that point back to your blog -- works almost the same as BackType.

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Update: BackType is no longer available. But here's a good alternative.

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