How To: Access Mobile Websites Like MJoy In Chrome, Firefox Browser

Ever wondered how to access MJoy and start sending free SMS text message anywhere in the world using Mozilla Firefox or Chrome?

MJoy is one of my favorite free SMS texting sites, not because it's my own mobile number that goes in receiver's inbox but because of it's incredibly fast and reliable worldwide SMS service. But as with many other web services out there, free SMS service of MJoy can only be accessed thru phone's builtin or third-party mobile browser.

This exclusive-only-to-mobile restriction is not only limited to MJoy. There are a handful of exciting free web services out there which can only be availed/accessed thru your phone's mobile browser. Some websites offers free VOIP calls (trial) which can be availed by visiting its websites thru your phone's browser. The only requirement to avail such services is to grab your mobile device and point your mobile web browser to the wapsite URL.

Fast and reliable websites to send free SMS to Philippines and anywhere in the world

In situations when you realize that mobile web browsing is way too expensive or your smartphone is out of power, how would you access and similar other exclusive-only-to-mobile websites using Firefox or Chrome?

This short tutorial will teach you how to fool web servers so that you can access webpages that are optimized and exclusive only to mobile phone users.

Access MJoy & Other Mobile-Exclusive Websites Using Firefox, Chrome

TagTag is a free web-based emulator you can use to view or access mobile pages on your computer using Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer web browser. TagTag may not be the first of its kind service but I just love how seamless this emulator works.

Jump to specific time, minutes while streaming YouTube video

Just type the wapsite address (e.g. on the bottom of TagTag Emulator and click GO. TagTag will immediately browse the page like you would on your mobile phone.

Unable to access MJoy and similar mobile websites because you're on your computer and not on your phone? TagTag is for you!

Learn how to access, watch YouTube video not available in your country.

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