Make FREE Calls With Tokiva - Free PC to Phone Call

Simple Global Calls!

This is what makes Tokiva Inc. unique when it comes to providing you all your communication needs. With over 1.1 million users worldwide in more than 190 countries, you can save up to 80 percent of your global calls with this revolutionary offer of Tokiva.

How Tokiva works?

Simple. Just go to their website and put the number you wish to call and then allow Tokiva to call you back and connect you to that number! But of course this is not the only way, but calling to cellphone or landline would be whole lot more convenient if you do it via web!

Tokiva works with credits and so you must see to it that you've got a good amount of credits in your account to enjoy the service.

This revolutionary offer of calling from PC to cellphone via Tokiva and vise versa is really cool especially that you can save a good amount of money. But what must be cooler is to know that Tokiva is giving 100 FREE referral credits in an instant for every valid signup. Thus, you can still make FREE PC to Cellphone calls and texts without costing you any single cent!

A valid email is required as this is where your Tokiva account verification will be sent. Tokiva Free PC to Cellphone call can be enjoyed in an instant as soon as you perform the registration process.

So, for those who're dying looking for Free Calls from Smart, Globe, TM, Talk & Text to other networks, here and abroad, don't miss the chance to register and avail the FREE 100 referral credits.

Further instructions:

1. One email address per mobile number only.
2. Do the registration
3. Fill up the forms.
4. Go to ur email add to complete ur registrations by confirming you email. 5. Click your country plus country code (e.g. PHILIPPINES, 63) then type your mobile number.
6. Type the mobile number you wish to call to the B0X with TO (precede it with country code as in 63).
7. Click PH0NE IC0N on the right side .
8. Wait the call to your mobile number then press CALL KEY.
9. Wait until you hear the ring .
10. Done!

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